Strut Your Mutt

Cilla and I attended the Best Friends Animals Society Strut Your Mutt at Blob’s Park on Saturday. It was the first ever in the Baltimore/DC area. The event raised over $50,000. for homeless animals. Strut Your Mutt was basically a dog festival. There was a walk around the park, but there were also booths, food, drinks, contests, raffles, and even a visit by The (Orioles) Bird.


009 015

I was very proud of my Cilla. I wasn’t sure how she would do among all those people and dogs. She listened, stayed right next to me and didn’t pull when we walked. Cilla has always been scared of people, but by the end of the day, she was going up to people asking for snacks and pets. Cilla did not like when dogs sniffed her butt, and she let them know it by giving her meanest growl.


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