the new Fall season

It is always exciting when the new Fall season of tv starts. It used to be the first week of September when school used to start, but now it is the last week of September. I have my returning shows Law and Order: SVU, Big Bang Theory, Parenthood, Blue Bloods and Revenge, but this year I thought I would also try out a few new shows such as The Goldbergs, The Crazy Ones and The Michael J Fox ShowfallTV

I usually don’t watch new shows, especially sitcoms (it took me until the second season to watch Big Bang Theory), but I wanted to watch The Crazy Ones for Robin Williams and The Michael J Fox Show for Michael J Fox. Unfortunately, I didn’t really like either show. Robin Williams was hysterical, as always, in The Crazy Ones. But a sitcom about an ad agency starring Buffy the Vampire Slayer isn’t really my thing, even with the hysterical Robin Williams. The Michael J Fox Show was better and has potential as maybe becoming a funny, family sitcom. It is a semi-autobiographical take on Fox’s life. He plays a famous ex tv anchor with Parkinson’s. The show is about his family, his interactions with his wife and his children. It is not laugh out loud funny, but clever funny. The one new sitcome I did like was The Goldbergs. I didn’t love it, but I liked it. I like anything set in the 1980s though. The Sam Goody reference alone kept me watching. It has some really funny parts in it, although it is a bit cheesy. The mother, played by Bridesmaids’ Wendi McLendon-Covey, is very funny as the classic smothering mom. The Goldbergs is an edgier Wonder Years, narrated by the youngest child as he looks back and recalls his family’s life in the 1980s.

Please check back next Tuesday when I review the new season of my favorite returning shows: Law and Order: SVU, Big Bang Theory, Parenthood, Blue Bloods and Revenge. 

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