Broncos’ Eric Decker in Reality Show – i’m not a fan

Eric Decker

Eric and Jessie: Game On is a reality show about Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker and his country singer fiancee (now wife) Jessie James. I have been a fan of Eric Decker since he came to Denver mostly because he reminds me of one of my favorite former Broncos Ed McCaffrey – he even wears number 87. So I was really excited when I first heard Eric Decker was going to have a reality show on television, and then I was just as disappointed when I watched it because it was 90% about wedding planning and 10% about playing football. I thought it was going to give more of a behind-the-scenes look at the Denver Broncos, but unfortunately it is more about Eric’s life with Jessie than his life in football. Actually, Jessie and her sister and mother are in the show more than Eric. And quite honestly, I find the three of them annoying. Even more upsetting is that this show has tainted my view of Eric Decker. I no longer imagine him as this tough ‘man’s man’ football player, but rather a pushover nice guy. Yuck! Maybe too much reality is not a good thing.

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3 Comments on Broncos’ Eric Decker in Reality Show – i’m not a fan

  1. The reality show is not good. I am a reality show enthusiast. And his wife is a bore!!


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