Roma’s Delivers Best Pizza & Subs in Ellicott City


Even though it has been open for almost a year, I just discovered Roma’s Pizzeria this week. And I am SO glad I did! Roma’s pizza and subs are delicious! The pizza is yummy, cheesy, dripping New York style greatness! Roma’s is the best pizza I have found in Ellioctt City that delivers, and they don’t charge a delivery fee! Don’t get me wrong, Ledo pizza is still my favorite, but Ledo’s doesn’t deliver. Roma’s and Ledo’s pizzas are two totally different types of pizza – it’s like comparing apples and oranges. But both are superb! Roma’s cheesesteak sub is a flavor bonanza chock full of steak and cheese. Finally I’ve found a great sub shop in Ellicott City! Sorry, but Jerrys and Solana’s just doesn’t cut it. Also on the menu is Chicago style pizza, stromboli, paninis, wraps, sandwiches, pasta entrees, salads, appetizers, quesadillas and hot wings. Roma’s Pizzeria is located in Ellicott City off Route 40 and Bethany Lane, behind the Pizza Hut. There is also a location in Columbia on Shaker Drive.

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