The 5th Annual Mobbies


A great time was had by all last night at the Baltimore Sun‘s 5th Annual Mobbies. For 10 days, online voters chose Maryland’s best blogs and social media accounts. The reception and awards ceremony was held at the Creative Alliance in Highlandtown, the old Patterson Theater, and was catered by RA Sushi.

I decided to carpool downtown to the Mobbies with other bloggers from Howard County. It ended up just being myself and Jessie Newman, who runs HoCoBlogs. Once we were there, we met up with fellow HoCo blogger Mickey Gomez, who arrived via Dundalk. The three of us had a really fun time together. Mickey’s Life & How to Live It blog won second place for Best Humor Account.

The awards ceremony was hosted by the Baltimore Sun‘s Michael Gold and Julie Sharper. Michael was hysterical! He was a very entertaining emcee and a really nice guy. I finally got the chance to meet David Castine, who I’ve been tweeting with over the past year or so. I also met Jordan Faye, who is a really great local artist with a great energy.

After about an hour of mingling, drinking and not much eating, we were ushered into the theater for the awards ceremony. It was at this time when the Mobbies paid a little tribute to the late Dennis Lane, an influential Howard County blogger who was loved and respected by all. There 23 awards given from the 438 nominations. Unfortunately, the blog you are reading now did not win. was the 20th (out of 31) Best Personal Blog. And @DeenasDays was the 18th (out of 28) Best Person on Twitter. Maybe I need more friends and followers. Or I need to pass out one of these to everyone I meet 024

Click here for the complete list of 2013 Mobbies winners. Thanks to everyone who actually voted.

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  1. Thanks for the write-up, Deena, for your help promoting the Mobbies voting these past couple weeks and for your willingness to carpool to the event together. See you around town and online!


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