If you want a dog, adopt from a shelter or rescue group. DO NOT BUY from a breeder or pet store. Over 11,000,000 dogs are killed every year in shelters because of over breeding. Do not be so selfish as to only want a particular breed. Why do you need a purebred? Are you really going to show your dog at Westminster? No, you want a companion, a family dog. There are great dogs all over in shelters and rescue groups. If you really do want a particular breed, you can find one in a local shelter or from a local rescue group near you. And you will be saving his or her life – because after 72 hours dogs brought into shelters are killed. And while they are ‘living’ at the shelter, they are sharing a small crate with two or three other dogs.

When I decided to get a dog, I went to You can put it location, breed, age and sex of the dog you want. It will pull up thousands in your area. And yes you can get a puppy, and yes you can get the breed you want. The dogs listed on Petfinder are in shelters or rescue groups or being fostered. I found my Elvis on Petfinder at Furry Friends in Pennsylvania. When I decided to get a second dog, I contacted Furry Friends again and found my Cilla.

There are several dog rescue groups in Maryland including BARCS, Maryland SPCA, Bella’s Bully Buddies and Dogs XL Rescue. You can also go to your county’s government website for your local shelter. Or you can always google it! However you do it, ADOPT don’t buy your next dog!! Don’t be selfish, improve not only your life buy the dog’s life buy rescuing him or her.

Elvis and Cilla are SO happy I adopted them!

Elvis and Cilla are SO happy I adopted them!

1 Comment on STOP BREEDING! ADOPT a DOG, don’t buy!

  1. Great post. Let’s keep spreading the word about opting to adopt. 🙂


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