3rd Disappointment in 3 Seasons

my denver broncos continue to break my heart

In the divisional playoff game two years ago, the Baltimore Ravens defeated the Broncos in Denver. Devastated doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt. One because I was sure, no doubt in my mind, my Broncos were going to the Super Bowl – that was our year. And two because I live in Maryland surrounded by Ravens fans. That loss still haunts me to this day. Last year my Denver Broncos lost the Super Bowl. And I when I say lost, I am being kind. They were embarrassed. I was more in shock than devastated – and I was actually in attendance. I thought there was no way we could lose, but it wasn’t as devastating as that playoff loss to the Ravens the previous season. Then yesterday the Broncos lost the divisional playoff game to the Colts in Denver – and I barely felt it.

I knew the Broncos were not as dominating this season as they had been in the past two seasons – especially since the loss in St. Louis. Peyton Manning had been hurt since then having the worst month of his career in December. He played every game, but with both legs injured which severely affected his throwing. Other injuries, such as Julius Thomas, also plagued the team. Even with the improved defense, the Broncos just didn’t have it together this season. So I am not really crushed they lost yesterday. I didn’t think they would win in New England next week anyway. But I will always bleed orange and blue like I have for almost 30 years. And I can comfort myself watching nine of my Broncos play in the Pro Bowl just like I used to do back in the 1980s during those three devastating Super Bowl losses.

This used to be my least favorite time of the year. After the NFL season ended, that long wait for baseball season to start. But no more. Now I have my Memphis Grizzlies to get me through – and I love my Grizzlies as much as I love my Broncos. Luckily the NBA season lasts way past Opening Day.

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