Sunday Funday

This Sunday Funday (today) is my BIRTHDAY! Even though I am 43, I get excited for my birthday as if I were 12. I even celebrate my half birthday. I start my birthday countdown the month prior and then celebrate starting October 1st through my birthday on the 4th – and maybe even a little longer if I have something special planned.

I am spending this birthday with my best friend Cindy (who’s been my friend since we were toddlers). We are going to the final Orioles game of the season and then I’m watching the Broncos game, which they are broadcasting on Fox so I can record it while at the Orioles game so I won’t miss anything. It’s all about orange today!

Update 9pm – I had a great birthday! I spent it with the bestest friend anyone could ever have and both my teams won! The Orioles swept the Yankees winning the final game of the season 9-4 with two Homeruns from Chris Davis, giving him a league leading 47 for the season. Operation Orange! Then I came home to see my Bronocos improve to 4-0 defeating the Vikings 23-20. Orange Crush! My 43rd Birthday was great! This is going to be a great year, I can feel it!

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