My Night in Philly with the Memphis Grizzlies

Grizzlies defeat 76ers 104-90

I had the best time tonight at the Grizzlie – 76ers game in Philly last night! I ate a cheesesteak (with Whiz) from Geno’s, got a selfie with ZBo, a fistbump from Matt Barnes, a thumbs up from Coach Joerger, got the nod from the Grindfather and most importantly watched the Grizzlies win from the 2nd row behind the scorers table!

My best friend’s husband, Kurt (a 76ers fan), picked me up around 2pm and we were at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly just after 4pm. We walked over to Xfinity Live – this indoor multi bar scene (the only place open at the sports complex). Luckily they had a Geno’s, and I got a yummy, messy Cheesesteak with Whiz – gotta get Whiz in Philly. Just before 5:30 we walked back over to the Wells Fargo Center and were let into section 102 behind the 76ers bench of the arena at 5:30pm to watch the shoot around. We were able to go to our seats at 6pm when the doors opened and everyone was let inside.

042Kurt and I took our seats center court on the floor in the second row behind the scorers’ table where the players check in. It was so great being that close. We could hear Coach call the plays and the players talk and the refs – it was fantastic! I walked over to the Grizzlies tunnel to wait to meet the players. I’ve never been on the floor before – usually I’m one row up leaning over the barricade. By this time the players I had watched shooting from the other side of the arena (Marc Gasol, Mike Conley and Tony Allen) had left the court to go back into the locker room. But Coach Joerger was walking back to the tunnel, so I just said Hi and he said Hi. Matt Barnes came out and gave me a fist bump.

017ZBo (Zach Randolph) came out and he said he’d stop on his way back into the locker room – and he did! As I saw ZBo was leaving the court, I quickly put my camera on selfie mode. As he was quickly walking back, I asked him if I could take a picture with him. He said yes, so I put my arm around his waist and held on tight. I was excited and nervous and knew I only had time for one shot before he had to leave, so the picture is a little blurry but we both had big smiles (more than I can say for my pics with Brady and Larry). They made us clear out and go back to our seats.

When the players took the court for the final warm up, Tony Allen gave me the First Team nod. And right before Tip Off, ZBo saw me in my Randolph jersey holding my All Heart Grit and Grind towel and showed me some love. The first half was a little too close. In fact, we were tied at 40. I really didn’t want to be the 76ers’ second win. But we actually won a third quarter and ended up winning 104-90. The game ended just after 9:30 and we were home by 11:30. A great, great night and I get to do it all again tonight – but this time with my dad in DC when the Grizzlies take on the Wizards.

To see all of my photos of the Grizzlies in Philly, please click here.

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  1. Great story as always Deena!! Very well written and detailed!! Glad you had fun and your seats were perfect!!


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