Why Your Business Needs a Dedicated Social Media Manager

Don’t think just because your company has a Facebook page, you are utilizing the benefits of Social Media. Your competitors are actively engaging with their customers and with potential customers on all the Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and YouTube. You must actively seek out followers, create/curate valuable content to them and engage with them a few times a day over several platforms. Facebook is not the end all be all of Social Media.

If your business has a dedicated Social Media Manager, then there is no need to hire DeenasDays Social Media. But if your Social Media Manager is also your marketing manager, sales manager, operations manager, HR manager; then you are not utilizing the full depth of Social Media. Doing Social Media well takes a time commitment. You have to post / tweet every day and comment on events as they happen, not a few days later. Just posting / tweeting every so often does not help your business at all. Social Media is the voice of your company representing an interactive communication channel that can connect your business with customers and others interested in what you sell. It is worth every penny to outsource your Social Media to DeenasDays Social Media who is experienced, competent and whose only goal is moving your brand toward its goals and objectives through your Social Media sites.

DeenasDays Social Media gives your business dedicated Social Media Services over all the platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Yelp, Foursquare and YouTube. This includes various posts / tweets on each of these sites every day. DeenasDays charges $350 for the first month, which includes the set up of all these sites. The charge is then $250 per month to maintain each of these sites with multiple daily posts / tweets. The content of these posts / tweets vary from the company’s product to related articles to trivia to recipes to community events.

Deena Dietrich

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