Newhart, Nat’l Lampoons Vacation, NKOTB – the 1980s from A to Z

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

It’s, like, totally bitchin’ you came back to find out what my favorite N’s are from the 1980s. Like the most righteous tv show, movie and music from the 80s.

The best part about Newhart was Larry and his brother Daryl and his other brother Daryl – and that’s the way they introduced themselves every episode over eight seasons, and it was funny every single time. Newhart, of course starring Bob Newhart, was about a couple running an Inn in Vermont and their interactions with all the quirky townspeople. The last episode was a classic that tied in the old Bob Newhart show from the 1970s.


National Lampoon’s Vacation
Not sure if I actually I saw Vacation when it came out in 1983. I was only 10 then, but I have seen it several times since. Classic farce movie that is still funny today.


NKOTB (aka New Kids on the Block)
Where do i start? NKOTB and I have a long history and it is still going strong today. In high school, I loved Danny (but today I love Jordan). I had the Danny pillow case and those big NKOTB buttons. My first concert ever was New Kids on the Block at the Baltimore Arena in 1990 – I was 17. I camped out for tickets. I sat way up, far from the stage and just remember all the screaming from all the teenage girls. And now those teenage girls are women in their 30s and 40s still screaming at Jordan, Donnie, Joey, Danny and Jon. The next time I saw NKOTB was in Memphis in 2009, and I’ve seen every tour since. My favorite NKOTB songs now are “Single” and “Block Party,” but my favorite NKOTB song from the 80s (and probably third overall) is “Step by Step.” (And for you haters out there, check out NKOTB’s latest cds The Block and 10 – they’re nothing like the bubble gum songs from the 80s)


Thank you for joining me on my trip back to the totally tubular 1980s as I complete my Blogging from A to Z Challenge. What was your favorite tv show, movie and band or song from the 80s starting with the letter N? Please come back tomorrow to read about my faves from the 80s that start with the letter O. And be sure to check out the 1970s from A to Z here.


14 Comments on Newhart, Nat’l Lampoons Vacation, NKOTB – the 1980s from A to Z

  1. greyzoned/angelsbark // April 16, 2016 at 10:09 am // Reply

    Hey Deena, Great post today! That was such a classic ending to the Newhart show and what a nice surprise seeing Suzanne Pleshette at the end, huh? I always adored her in the Bob Newhart Show.
    National Lampoon’s Vacation is an all-time classic.
    And New Kids on the Block: I wasn’t really into them (I was still stuck in the 70s) but I really enjoyed their video that you showcased here. Step by Step: wow, some great choreography. Were all their shows like that?
    Hope you’re having a great Saturday. We get a day off tomorrow, yay! I’m going to sleep…. 🙂

    Michele at Angels Bark


  2. Love that final scene on Newhart


  3. LOL. Yes I remember the brothers introducing themselves on Newhart!! And I have to agree with you that it was definitely funny each time they did it. LOL. Newhart is on my favorite list along with Night Court. OMG who didn’t love National Lampoons Vacation. I still watch this today and crack up. But my favorite is National Lampoons Christmas Vacation!! LMBO. I’m cracking up just thinking about the scenes in that movie. Hilarious!! My other favorite was Naked Gun. I really didn’t have any favorite bands/groups/artist starting with the letter “N” during the 80’s time but I did enjoy New Edition & Nirvana. Thanks again Deena for the memories and a great blog. Blessings.


    • Were you ahead of the crowd because nirvana’s first album was released in 1989 but ‘smells like teen spirit’ their first single which made them popular wasn’t until 1991. Thanks for reading and sharing your faves


      • I must have been but it wasn’t until the 90’s that I started liking them. Nevermind was the album that got me started. But I put them down because they did form in the 80’s.


  4. I had New Kids on the Block on vinyl and I have them on CD now, but only their old stuff, I didn’t know they were still making music! I have to say they’ve aged well 🙂 I will have to check out their newer stuff.
    Sophie’s Thoughts & Fumbles | Wittegen Press | FB3X


  5. New Kids on the Block – I remember being a fan – not a huge fan like I was of A-ha, but definitely a fan 🙂 I have to admit the only National Lampoons movie I like is Class Reunion, I find myself wanting to brain most of the characters in the other ones :).
    Tasha’s Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)


  6. Love Bob Newhart. I didn’t watch the show faithfully but I admire his particular style as a comedian. The movie is hilarious mainly due to Randy Quaid. I’m not much of a Chevy fan. As for music, I’m a little older than you so NK wasn’t my thing. Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, and none of them Ns, so I got nuthin 🙂

    BTW I love your blog template. What platform and template are you using?


    • oh thank you so much! i really appreciate you reading and sharing your thoughts. i use MH Magazine on wordpress. btw i’m 43 and i was too old for new kids on the block seeing them when i was almost 18 BUT i still love them today and go to their shows. lots of fun. i was also very into madonna and michael jackson – you should check out my posts for M and J.


  7. Newhart was a funny, funny show. Larry, Darryl and Darryl made it even more funny.
    National Lampoon Family Vacation. Now that was a fun film. I liked the sequel too.


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