My Denver Broncos – it’s a new season!

Tonight begins the new season for the Denver Broncos after winning Super Bowl 50 last season. Even though we won the Super Bowl and opening the season at home, we are the underdogs. It’s ridiculous! Peyton Manning retired – big deal! We won in spite of Peyton last year, not because of him. Our defense and offense are still intact. The Broncos will be just fine thank you very much!

My entire life no matter how good the Broncos are, no one gives us credit or picks us to win – ever. The Broncos never get respect. I mean what other Super Bowl champion team do you know opening the season at home was picked to lose?! Anyway, it really doesn’t matter. I will still bleed orange and blue, as I have for over 30 years. In fact my Broncos / NFL anniversary is this Sunday September 11th. Back in 1983 when I just 10 years old and just after John Elway had refused to play for the Baltimore Colts, I attended my first football game – the Denver Broncos at the Baltimore Colts. My first game, Elway’s second. 

33 years later, I am still proudly wearing the orange and blue. But this year I am going old school wearing the old D Denver Broncos logo and the royal blue and orange colors – commemorating my first game all those years ago and my formative years as a Broncos fan in the 1980s. Look for me in the old school Broncos gear every gameday at Social Pub with my Broncos family, the Denver Broncos Fan Club Baltimore Chapter. Rick Smith formed our group last year and each week we gained more and more family members. So much so that we had to move to a bar that we could call our own. (Thanks Magerks you were great, but we were getting too big to share with Eagles and Ravens fans.)

If you’re a Broncos fan living in Baltimore, or the surrounding area, please join us every gameday at Social Pub and Pie on 25 E. Cross Street in Federal Hill. And if you can’t join us, please follow us on Twitter @BRONCOSfcBMORE as we live tweet our gatherings. In between gamedays, join the conversation on Facebook. GO BRONCOS!

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