“Heartbreak Hotel” – Elvis from A to Z

“Heartbreak Hotel” is an easy choice for my “H” Elvis topic for the A to Z Blogging Challenge as it has always been my favorite Elvis song. I have always loved “Heartbreak Hotel” for its music, which is odd for me since I am always about the lyrics and the singing. But something about that guitar makes my insides almost explode – and I’m a drum person!

Oddly enough, I am pretty sure the first version I heard of “Heartbreak Hotel” was not Elvis’, but Fonzie’s. Yes, that’s right The Fonz as in Happy Days. As a toddler, I watched Elvis’ movies but I don’t think I knew his non-movie music yet. At three years old, I was an avid Happy Days fan so it makes sense I would have heard “Heartbreak Hotel” on Happy Days sung by The Fonz before I heard Elvis sing it!  Fonzie sang “Heartbreak Hotel” (with Laverne and Shirley backing him up) on Happy Days in episode 19 of season 3 on January 27, 1976, which was the 20th anniversary of Elvis’ release of “Heartbreak Hotel” on January 27, 1956. “Heartbreak Hotel” was Elvis’ first recording at RCA and his first Gold Record.

I was lucky enough to stay at the Heartbreak Hotel in Memphis twice, the year it opened in 1999 and on its last night in 2016. Oh, and I also worked there briefly in 2003. I have a long history with Elvis’ “Heartbreak Hotel.” 


What is your favorite movie, song, book about Elvis that begins with ‘H’? Please comment below. Check back tomorrow to see what ‘I’ topic I’ve chosen for Elvis, as my A to Z April Blogging Challenge continues here.

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  1. Good pick Deena! My 2 favorite H songs are “He touched me” and “How the web was woven”. I love Elvis gospel music and Elvis 70’s era music. Heartbreak Hotel was definitely one of the first songs that I heard by Elvis. His voice so deep and sexy. I was also lucky enough to stay at the Heartbreak Hotel at least 10 or 12 times since it opened in 1999. I loved the Jungle Room Bar and lounging around the heart shaped pool. Many great memories were made there for me personally. I also think back when it first opened they had the best continental breakfast anywhere! They actually had make your own Belgium waffles, it was the best and I looked forward to it every visit until they suddenly stopped 😕 Some of the staff who had been there for many years were so great. I did not know that you work there for a short time, how awesome is that!!


    • yes i also loved those songs too julie! they were actually my 2nd choices. yeah i worked there part-time in 2003 in the office for the manager, Mary, while i was working full time at the peabody. i had to quit without notice because my grandmother died and i moved back to maryland. and because of that epe won’t hire me again. i even wrote to jack and he said it’s their policy.


  2. Wonderfully interesting post, Deena! I remember that episode of Happy Days well. But then I was 25! Am loving your theme! 😀


  3. One of my favorite bits of trivia about this song is that piano great Floyd Cramer played as a session man for Elvis. 🙂


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