Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story by C. David Heymann

This was my second time reading this book Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story by C. David Heymann. I don’t know if it’s fact or fiction, but it is very entertaining. Bobby is my favorite Kennedy and Jackie is my second favorite, so I love the fact there is a book about their ‘romance.’ And it makes perfect sense they would get together after Jack died, the one person the both of them loved so much. Even before Jack died, Bobby was always there for Jackie even when Jack wasn’t. Like after her first miscarriage, it was Bobby who was by Jackie’s side in the hospital not Jack. After Jack died, Bobby spent a lot of time with Jackie and her kids taking care of them even though he had a wife and several children of his own. It is completely believable to me they had an affair. Heymann quotes many people saying as much.

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