Happy Half Birthday to Me!

I’ve always celebrated my Half Birthday April 4th. No else celebrates with me. There are no presents or cake, but I still celebrate by looking back at the first half of my year and ahead to the second half to see what still is to look forward to! So far this has been a great 46th year, and the second half will be even better!

I’ve read 37 books, so I am on pace to read 74 books by my birthday on October 4th (I hope). I have been to two Grizzlies games, one in Memphis and one in DC. I bought many records at the Black Friday Record Store Day. I saw the play Dinner with Friends at Everyman Theater in Baltimore. I saw The Karate Kid in the movie theater for its 35th Anniversary. I’ve listened to many records, went out for a few happy hours, tried my luck at the slots, and had fun spending time with family and friends. But the most amazing time of the first six months of my 46th year was in Memphis for the Jerry Schilling My Friend Elvis Weekend leading up to Elvis’ Birthday! I got to meet Jerry, have dinner with Jerry, have cocktails with Jerry, watch Jerry’s Show and Tell and most importantly tour Graceland with Jerry! (If you missed it, you can read all about it here.)

I have lots planned for the second half of my 46th year. Starting with Record Store Day on April 13th then the Ryan Bingham concert April 21st in DC. One month from today on May 4th I leave for my annual trip to MEMPHIS!!! I’m staying at my home away from home The Guest House and of course I’ll be visiting Graceland as well as seeing some sights I’ve never seen and some I haven’t seen in a while while eating at all my favorite places – and doing some book and record shopping (the only shopping I enjoy). Also while I’m in Memphis, I am seeing New Kids on the Block on May 10th at the FedEx Forum – on a bar stool at the stage!!! I saw New Kids in Memphis in 2009 after they got back together, so seeing them again in Memphis will be kind of special. Nothing planned in June except Mom and Dad’s 50th Wedding Anniversary and Dad’s shoulder surgery. I will be seeing New Kids again in Hershey July 6th. Hershey is a very special place for New Kids on the Block, so it should be a blast! Nothing planned until Elvis Week in August. I will be leaving August 8th, again staying at the Guest House and returning home August 19th – yeah it’s more than a 7 day week.

So yeah Happy Half Birthday to Me! Time to read my journal from the past 6 months and reflect and enjoy the bulletin board I keep up year round with tickets and photos of everything I’ve done.

8 Comments on Happy Half Birthday to Me!

  1. Happy 1/2 birthday to you Deena! You have really had a great first half year! I loved, loved, loved reading all about your Jerry tour experiences as I have read it several times and could read it a ton more. That will be a trip you will always remember, thank you for sharing it all with us! Super excited to read up on your upcoming Memphis trip and even more excited to see you this year at Elvis week! Thank you for all your stories, I love them all!


    • As always, thanks so much Julie for reading and commenting. I am so glad you enjoyed it! Can’t wait to share all my experiences from my Memphis trip beginning one week from today. And am SO excited to be hang out with you at Elvis Week!!!


  2. Happy half birthday. I usually reflect around June, although my half birthday would be in September. Sounds like you’ve got some fun stuff coming up!


  3. I ❤️ this bulletin board idea! Happy 1/2 Birthday! You definitely lead an exciting life & I love reading all about it.


    • Thank you and Thank you for reading and commenting. I am glad you’re enjoying my posts. YEah I got the bulletin board from someone online a few years ago. It’s a great place to put all your ticket stubs and photos etc and to be able to look at them all year and reflect at the end to see what you’ve done.


  4. Raini Graham // April 10, 2019 at 9:51 am // Reply

    Happy 1/2 Birthday Deena, I will be going to Elvis Week this year so excited


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