Goodbye 46, Hello 47!

Today is the last day of my 46th year, and what a great year it was! The best part of my year was the amazing Jerry Schilling Weekend in Memphis last January. I also made two other trips to Memphis – the first in May, for my annual trip that included a great NKOTB concert, and the other in August for Elvis Week. Besides those three great trips, I went to two Memphis Grizzlies games, attended two record store days, saw Grease at Toby’s Dinner Theater, celebrated the 35th anniversary of The Karate Kid in the movie theater, celebrated my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary and read 68 books.

I really wanted to read more books this year, as 68 books is the same amount I read last year. This year I promise myself I will read MORE BOOKS! Besides the NKOTB concert and the concerts during Elvis Week, I did not attend any other concerts this year, which is quite strange for me. But I am quite happy staying home reading my books and listening to my records (and watching tv apparently). That is probably why for the first time in many years, I did not attend a Denver Broncos game.

I already have great plans for my 47th year! The most exciting thing I have planned is my trip to Memphis in January for Elvis’ 85th Birthday Celebration January 7-12. What makes this week SO special is the JERRY SCHILLING events including a Jerry guided tour of Memphis, Conversations on Elvis with Jerry and Priscilla, a reception with Jerry and Priscilla, the Elvis Live in Concert with Jerry and Priscilla, and of course the annual Birthday Proclamation and Evening Graceland Tour. Also while in Memphis, I’ll attend the Grizzlies game on the 7th. Tickets are bought and the Guest House is booked. This will be my only trip to Memphis this year. Instead of my annual Memphis in May trip, I am going to Summer at the Cape. That’s a fun way of saying I’m going to Cape Cod to see all the Kennedy sights May 30 to June 7. My mom, aunt and I are staying in Hyannis near the Kennedy Compound and taking day trips to Martha Vineyard, Nantucket, Provincetown and the Kennedy President Library in Boston. And instead of going to Memphis for Elvis Week in August, I am finally going to Indiana September 23-28 for the James Dean Festival in honor of the 65th anniversary of his death. I have always wanted to attend this and see all the James Dean sights.

Besides my three big trips, the only other plans I have are Record Stores Day in November and April and I am going to DC February 9th to see my Memphis Grizzlies play the Wizards. Other than that, I plan on staying home with my dogs reading and listening to records. My 47th year already looks like it’s going to be a great one that starts with my mom’s famous, amazing lasagna for dinner on my birthday tomorrow October 4th!

If you want to read more about what I did during my 46th year, please click on the following:
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