Brady Anderson

In honor of Opening Day, I wore my Brady Anderson tee shirt. Only to realize that the Orioles opening day isn’t until tomorrow. Oh well. I’ve loved Brady since I was 16 when he came to the Orioles in 1988. I went to this terrible bar he hung out at on my 21st birthday, so I could meet him. And I did. I was at his last game as an Oriole at Camden Yards, which was Cal Ripken’s last game ever. I traveled to Cleveland in 2002 to see him play as an Indian against the Orioles and then went to the Indians series at Camden yards the following day to see him. He thought he was seeing double, seeing me in Cleveland and Baltimore in the same week. I met him in Cleveland and then in Baltimore. He said, “Didn’t I see you in Cleveland?” I said, “Yes, but I live in Baltimore.” I attended the luncheon when Brady was inducted to the Orioles hall of fame and met him there. The last time I saw Brady was in Cooperstown when Cal Ripken was inducted to the baseball hall of fame. Brady was warming up with the Iron Birds. I had my Cal and Brady tee shirt on and talked with Brady through the fence asking him to sign my shirt. He said, “If you take it off, I’ll sign it.” SIGH!

Baseball hasn’t been the same for me since 2001 when Cal retired and Brady was traded and then retired a year later. I just don’t have the same passion for it anymore. Actually my passion left back in 1997 when the Orioles lost in the playoffs. I was at every home playoff game that year. Something inside me broke at that last game in 1997. I still enjoy baseball, but don’t follow it as I used to. Watching old footage of the Orioles prior to 2001 makes me sad. It was such a great time and will never be like that again. I do enjoy going to Redbirds game now that I live in Memphis. And now I’ve ordered MASN because Brady is going to be broadcasting some Orioles games for them this season. Can’t wait! Play ball!

Brady in Cooperstown

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  1. I swear I am starting to think we were separated at birth, or past life soulmates or something. My other passion than music is baseball. The baseball actually pre-dated the music in some ways. I’ve traveled all over the place to see the Cubs and my lifelong favorite Cub, Jody Davis (who has now become a friend). I was 16 when they first screwed him over and then eventually traded him and I never really forgave the Cubs completely for that — even though he finally did about 5 yrs ago. I even traveled to Atlanta to see him play as a Brave, the year after the Cubs traded him.

    And here’s the funniest part — you were in Cooperstown for the 2007 induction weekend of Cal & Tony Gwynn. AND SO WAS I! lol. I went to the wedding of one of my U2 pals in Boston that weekend. My now-fiance is a former minor leaguer and had never been to the HOF. So after the wedding, we rented a car and drove from Boston to Cooperstown where we spent a few days. Then we drove back up to Boston to see the Red Sox play the Orioles, and flew home the next day.


    • That is too funny. Yes, it seems you and I have a lot of the same passions – U2, As the World Turns, Baseball. Do you love Elvis, Grease, Happy Days, Football, history and biographies too? I have an entire scrapbook dedicated to Brady (as I do my other passions) with every one of his baseball cards, tickets stubs, newspaper articles, photos, autographs. Not to mention his bobblehead, action figure, keychains and pins. I used to travel around to baseball stadiums. And now go when I’m in town or another event, like a u2 show. I’ve been to Fenway, Yankee, Wrigley, Skydome, St. Louis, obviously Camden Yards and many minor league parks. Going to Comisky and Rockies this summer when there for the u2 shows. Thanks for reading my blog.


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