i love tee shirts!

I love tee shirts. That’s all I ever wear. They are comfortable, inexpensive and go with everything. Also, you can wear your passions on a tee shirt, which I have always liked doing. I’m 37 and haven’t outgrown wearing tee shirts, and my tastes really haven’t changed that much since I was little.

My favorite movie when I was 5 was Grease, and it is still my favorite movie today. I still have my Grease tee shirt from when I was 5 that I got on the Boardwalk in Ocean City, MD.



I have been an Elvis fan my entire life, so I have many, many Elvis tee shirts. I buy one for every Elvis week and birthday celebration that I attend. But there are a few that are my favorites that I wear over and over.  

Elvis 70s

Elvis graceland

Elvis at Sun

Elvis from Memphis


My favorite tv show was, is and always will be Happy Days. I had a crush on Potsie when I little. Remember when Potsie sang ‘Put Your Head on My Shoulder’ to Joanie? I thought I was Joanie.

Happy Days


My favorite band when I was 14 was U2, and it still is. I have a U2 shirt from when I was 16 that, unlike my Grease tee shirt, I can still wear.

U2 Larry

But my favorite U2 tee shirt is the one Paola made.

The Larry Mullen Band

I used to buy several U2 tee shirts from each tour, but now the tee shirts are more expensive than the ticket to the concert. So for the 360 tour, I only bought the I’ll Go Crazy tee shirt.

U2 I'll Go Crazy (front)

U2 I'll Go Crazy (back)

But then I got home from the tour after seeing Larry stand up and sing LET ME IN THE SOUND, and decided I had to buy another tee shirt.

U2 Let Me in the Sound


My second favorite tv show, and I’m not embarrassed to admit it, is Beverly Hills 90210. My favorite was Kelly, but I had a love/hate relationship with Brenda.

Beverly Hills 90210


One thing I am extremely passionate about is adopting animals instead of buying them from a breeder or pet store. Millions of dogs and cats are abandoned and killed each year in shelters.

Adopt Animals


Wonder Woman wasn’t and isn’t a passion of mine, although I did watch the Lynda Carter show and have wonder woman underoos when I was little. I just thought this shirt was really cool.

Wonder Woman


So if you me on my travels this summer, I’ll probably be wearing one of these tee shirts.

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  1. I am honored that the LMB tee made the list! LOL! I think the Wonder Woman one is really cool. And I too am obsessed with tees. Have you ever seen those quilts you can have made from old tees? They are really cool and a great functional way to keep the tees you never wear anymore.


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