Vegas – day 3

Day 3 in Vegas has been my favorite so far, even though I lost the most money and was exhausted from only 4 hours sleep. What made it so great was we did a bunch if different stuff and the NKOTB concert was fantastic tonight!

We started out today as we did yesterday – at Paris for breakfast. We played the slots a little before going to Hard Rock. This is where I had my big and only win of the day – over $200. on one bonus. Unfortunately I lost it later on. There was a great U2 display, which I found out later that my friend Rob’s photo of Bono from Vertigo was in it.

After 4 hours at Hard Rock, Cindy made me go to Margaritaville for lunch, which turned out to be really fun. We sat at a counter like table with fishing rods. I had the perfect margarita – that’s its name, not my opinion. Very potent! I bought orange and black beads. Luckily only one Jimmy Buffet song was played while we were there.

Tonight the New Kids on the Block concert was amazing – just as it was last summer when I saw them in Memphis. Ironic because I tried all day to sell my ticket, so I wouldn’t have to leave Cindy alone again and because last night’s concert was good, but nothing special, even though I was right next to the stage.

Tonight I didn’t wait in the GA line. I arrived later, but still an hour early because they started a half hour later. I stood at the soundboard for the first half, then moved up a little bit for the second half. I had plenty of room to move around, so I was more relaxed – as were the guys.

They were having so much more fun than last night. Donnie messed up the lyrics and laughed about it. Then Jordan messed up his dance and laughed about it. They made Jon sing Step 5 of Step By Step. This was after poor Jon fell during ‘Tonight’ on the platform by the soundboard. I recorded this and touched each New Kid as they walked by me to get back to the stage – that’s when I moved closer. They joked about all the fans complained about the show only being an hour and fifteen minutes last night – tonight it was almost an hour and a half.

Musically the show was the same as last night, but their energy was much much better tonight. And even though I was further back, I got better pictures tonight – maybe because I wasn’t on the side. I’m just glad it was a great show because after last night’s concert I thought I wasn’t exited by New Kids on the Block anymore – and that would make me sad.

The concert ended at 9:55, and I caught a cab and was in the lobby at Ballys at 10:06. Unfortunately I stayed there and lost a bundle. I did have some yummy midnight pizza at sbarro though.

I will post all my 200 pictures from NKOTB in Vegas on Facebook.

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