Dover Downs – day 1

Mom, Kathy, Candy and I left Maryland at 9am heading to Delaware for 2 days of playing the slots at Dover Downs Casino. We made our way over the Bay Bridge and arrived at Dover just before 11:30am. We checked into our rooms, all located on the 7th floor, gambled a little then met Mary and Carol for brunch at Michelle’s. By this time I was down $80.

I took a little rest in the room after lunch because I’m still sick and now have cramps. After losing a bit at random slots, I won at Hot Hot Penny Dublin and Hot Shot – my favorite slot. So now I was only down $44.

The 6 of us met at the Fire and Ice bar at 6pm for drinks.

After 2 Pinot grigios (while on azithromycin z-pack), I had the bright idea of gambling some more. I quickly lost, but then thankfully won at Triple Bonus Frenzy, so I ended the day only down $24.

I went back to the room, ordered a pizza and watched the Daytime Emmys. Jack (Michael Park) and Carly (Maura West) won for best actor and actress!!!! They have been my favorites since joining As the World Turns 13 years ago. I’m going to miss you ATWT!!!

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