Dover Downs – day 2

After a not so restful night of sleep, the 6 of us met for breakfast at 8am.

By 10am I had lost almost all the money I had allotted for today, so I went up to the room to take a break and hopefully change my luck. And it worked. I played my favorites – Hot Shot, Jackpot 7, Fireball, Power Strike – and by 3:30 won back half the money I had lost. I decided to take another break in the room, then went back to casino about an hour and a half before dinner. In that time, I had lost all of my money – all my money!

I consoled myself with 2 glasses of pinot grigio and a scrumptious 3 course meal at Frankie’s.

After dinner, I hit the ATM and took out a little money. I put it in my favorite slot Hot Shot and doubled my money! So now I’m going home with half the money I came with rather than none of it – assuming we don’t go to the casino in the morning before we leave.

Please watch my video of our time at Dover Downs

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