home from Dover Downs

After an even less restful night of ‘sleep,’ I awoke to my Dad’s texts of pictures of Cilla and Elvis.

cilla at home with dad

elvis at home with dad

We went to breakfast then decided to gamble for 2 hours before going home. I decided to play Hot Shot again. All 5 slots were open, so I played all 5 and lost. Kathy and Candy lost too, so we convinced Mom to leave early. But not before visting the monster mile racetrack.

monster mile

We were home by 1 and after letting the dogs out, I went directly to Ledos for the best pizza ever! I had been craving it since I’ve been home. There is no Ledo’s in Memphis 😦

Ledo's pizza

We had such a great time at Dover Downs! Thanks to Mom I had a free room, free food and a few free spins. It was great, almost as good as Vegas. It was also good to come home to my dogs. What a greeting I got!

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