Chicago day 2 – Lollapalooza day 1

My second day in Chicago was my first day at Lollapalooza. I used to go to Lollapalooza in the early 90s when it was a traveling festival. Now it takes place in Grant Park in downtown Chicago. It is such a great festival – very organized and clean with lots of food and drink and of course music, lots and lots of music. I left the hotel at 11am, saw 9 bands, drank 3 sweet teas and 1 water, and ate 2 pieces of pizza before returning to the hotel just after 8:30pm – and I did not pee the entire day or get sunburned.

Lollapalooza day 1

Lolla 3 day pass

Just past Buckingham Fountain, I made my way to what was going to become my favorite stage, BMI stage. It’s completely shaded with trees.

Buckingham Fountain

BMI Stage, my favorite

I got to the BMI Stage just in time for These United States’ last song. They are kind of a folky, countryish, pop group from Lexington, KY.

These United States

Following These United States were The Ettes from Nashville, but they are not a country band. They rock out like Joan Jett.

The Ettes

I met up with Tasha and Roseann, and we went over to the Budweiser Stage to see Mavis Staples, a gospel legend and Chicago native. She was fantastic and 70 years old.

Budweiser Stage

Mavis Staples

We caught the last song of American Bang’s set. They are also from Nashville, and they sound like an 80s hairband. I made my way over to the Kidzapalooza Stage to see Ed Kowalczyk from Live. While waiting for Ed, I watched the kids band Rocknoceros. They are not kids, but they play songs for kids. This is a great family stage where the little kids can enjoy Lollapalooza too. It’s a stage where independent artists play. Ed Kowalczyk used to be the lead singer for Live, but is now solo. Ed was great. He played just 3 songs – him and his guitar. He closed with ‘Lightening Crashes’!

Kidzapalooza Stage

Ed Kowalczyk

I ran from Ed’s performance to make sure I did not miss Devo performing their 80s smash ‘Whip It.’ I got to the Parkways Stage in plenty of time. This is my least favorite stage – muddy, smelly and very crowded. Unfortunately, Soundgarden is playing there Sunday. I did not that close to Devo, so I watched them on the big screen. I did hear ‘Whip It’ though and that was fun.

Parkways Stage - boo!


Along with the great music, there are some great views at Lollapalooza.

Buckingham Fountain and Chicago skyline

Chicago skyline as a backdrop to Lollapalooza

I made my way across Grant Park back to the Budweiser Stage for The Black Keys. I love any band who puts its drummer up front!

The Black Keys

After The Black Keys exciting drum driven set, we made our way back across Grant Park again to the dreaded Parkways stage to wait for Lady Gaga. And wait we did, for an hour. She finally came on and all I heard from her opening song was Madonna’s Vogue, but at least I gave her a chance. Still don’t know what all the hype is about. Sorry monsters.

our view of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga a little blurry

end of the 1st day at Lollapalooa

I left Lady Gaga after 2 songs and went back to the hotel, where I promptly showered the day’s dirt off of me – and finally peed! It was a great and exhausting first day at Lollapalooza.

Please watch my videos of day 1 of Lollapalooza: 

   getting into Lollapalooza

   These United States

   The Ettes

   Mavis Staples 

   Ed Kowalczyk 


   The Black Keys 

   Lady Gaga

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