the end of an era

Today September 17, 2010 was the last episode of As the World Turns. It has been on the air for 54 years, and on the radio before that. My grandmother used to listen to it on the radio, then watched it on tv. It was the first soap opera that was a half hour – the rest were 15 minutes. I have watched As the World Turns since the late -1980s.

It may seem silly to get so attached to a tv show, but when you watch something every day for over 20 years you become quite attached to its characters and invested in their lives. You know tv series come to an end, but you can watch them on repeats or buy them on dvd. Soap Operas are not repeated nor sold on dvd. Maybe one day they will run As the World Turns on SoapNet because I can’t afford to buy 20 years of the show on dvd if they ever do put it out.

I really became obsessed with the show when Carly joined the cast, then Jack. I just love them! I finally got to meet them in Kings Dominion in Virginia a few years ago. Luckily Carly, Maura West, has joined the cast of Young and the Restless, so I will still get to enjoy her but it won’t be the same.

Maura West (Carly) and me

Michael Park (Jack) and me

So I cried through the final episode of As the World Turns today. Actually I cried all week. Now I am going to read through my As the World Turns 40th Anniversary book and reminisce. Good night As the World Turns! Thanks for giving me over 20 great years! You will be missed!

3 Comments on the end of an era

  1. interesting blig you have 🙂


  2. >Good bye As the World Turns!<

    I don't think there should be goodbyes… just 'goodnight.'


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