My day in Tunica and my night with Vince Vaughn and Kevin James

Knowing I would be starting work any day now, I decided to spend Wednesday in Tunica. I wanted to visit other casinos as I always go to Harrah's. But I had free slot play and free food at Harrah's, so it was hard. But I managed to drive by Harrah's and go to the Casino Center.

I started my day at 9:30am at Horseshoe. I was hit in the face with the disgusting smell of smoke - too early in the morning for that. I knew they had my favorite slot machine, Hot Shot, so I made a b line for those. There were 6 of them. I played all 6 and lost on all 6. I hit a few bonuses, but kept playing, so after barely a half hour, I was down $120. I moved on to Quick Hits and Sex and the City, but didn't win at them either. Horseshoe is very congested with slots, so if I wasn't winning on Hot Shot, I was ready to leave.

I went next door to Gold Strike at 10:20am and was really impressed. It is a really nice casino with a lot of new slots. I played Fireball and Hotshot, but didn't win on either. I won about $50 on Monopoly Grand Hotel and broke even on Jackpot Block Party. I left Gold Strike around 11am with only $30, losing $170 in about an hour and a half.

I went directly to Harrah's because I had $30 free slot play. That combined with my $30 would give me $60 to play with. Before hitting the slots, I decided to eat lunch at Paula Deen's Buffet hoping it would change my luck. I had a $10 coupon, so I only had to pay $3 for the best food in the world. I thoroughly enjoyed my sweet tea, mashed potatoes, green beans, casserole, fried green tomato and biscuit! There is nothing better!

I got back to the slots around noon. I just love Harrah's. Even though they don't have a huge selection of slots, it is less smokey and congested than other casinos. I put my $20 free slot play into Sex and the City and turned it into $220, but I kept playing, so I left it with $150. This made my afternoon a little more relaxing.

I wasn't so lucky with Fireball. I put my $10 free slot play in, but lost. I also lost at Wizard of Oz, King of Cash, Blazing 7 Grand and Wild 7 Jackpot. I did win about $50 on Quick Hits and I broke even on my other favorite slot Rich Little Piggy.

I left Tunica just before 1:30, 4 hours after I arrived, with $100 - losing half of my money. This isn't bad considering I was $170 before lunch, but luckily the great food of Paula Deen's buffet changed my luck and won $220 on Sex and the City after lunch. Please watch the video of my day in Tunica 

Harrah's Tunica

best food ever - Paula Deen's buffet

I won $220 on Sex and the City. This is 1st bonus of $108.

Thursday November 11th, was Elvis’ birthday. No not that Elvis, my dog Elvis. He is 6. I can’t believe he is middle-aged – and just as grumpy.

Friday November 12th two big stars were in Memphis – Vince Vaughn and Kevin James. They spent their day in Memphis talking with Valerie Calhoun on Good Morning Memphis, touring Sun Studio and the National Civil Rights Museum and eating at Blues City Cafe before hosting their Comedy Roadshow to an almost sold-out crowd at the Cannon Center in downtown Memphis, which I atteneded.

Vince Vaughn and Kevin James Comedy Roadshow

The Comedy Roadshow featured stand up performances from comedians Richie Minervini, Steve Byrne and Owen Benjamin. Byrne brought the audience to their feet for a standing ovation when he left the stage. He was hysterical.

Vince Vaughn and Kevin James hosted the show doing improv with each other in between the comedians. They did this sketches on Top Gun, showing clips from the film and then acting them out. For instance, they did a sketch based on the bar scene exchange between Maverick and IceMan and on the volleyball scene. Also, they acted out the scene after Kelly McGillis’ character chased Tom Cruise’s character and they are arguing. Kevin James put on a blond wig when he portrayed Kelly McGillis’ character and Vaughn put on a Top Gun pilot suit.

Kevin and Vince recreating Top Gun

Later, Vaughn and James brought up an audience member to participate in a sketch based on Flashdance. He had to do the Flashdance dance while Kevin James and A Christmas Story‘s Peter Billingsly soaked him with huge waterguns. He won himself $500 from Vince Vaughn for this achievement.

It was a great night. I have been a fan of both Vince Vaughn and Kevin James for years, so this was a real treat.

Kevin James and Vince Vaughn in Memphis

Please watch my short video, as we weren’t allowed to take video during the show,

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