Due to Inclimate Weather: another night at Dover Downs!

I woke up at 5am, watched the sunrise over Monster Mile and was in the casino by 7am! I love an empty casino! I went straight to the 8 Hot Shot slots and played all of them and won $100. This is going to be a good day!

I played some other slots, like Monopoly and Sex and the City and Fireball, considering variety is the slice of life. But I just don’t enjoy any other slots as much as Hot Shot, so I played it again – and won another $100. By the time we met for breakfast at 10, I was up a couple hundred for the morning. Santa was at breakfast.

After breakfast, I played for about an hour and lost all the money I had won. I should have never stopped to eat – completely changed my luck. Bad day! Although I did get to see, and smell, the Oreo Christmas tree made from over 16000 Oreos.

I went to the room because we were leaving at 1. Dad texted to say it was snowing and the roads were bad. So rather than risk sliding off the Bay Bridge in the snow, we decided to stay at Dover Downs another night. Luckily Mom got another comp night, so we’re both in the suite. I’m sleeping on the couch in the living room with the big tv.

I went back to the casino at 2pm hoping the 2 hour break in the room would change my luck – it did not. I played a few non Hot Shot slots, but didn’t win. So a half hour later I got a sandwich at the Deli.

After lunch, I won a hundred dollars at a new game called Ms Little Green Men. Feeling confident my luck had changed, I went back to Hot Shot. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I lost a bundle. It’s as if all the machines stopped hitting after 10am.

By 5:15, I was exhausted and broke! Even though I wasn’t that hungry, I met Mom and Candy for dinner at 6 to avoid losing even more money at the slots. We went to the buffet, which overlooks the racetrack – and there were horse races on the snowy track. I had pizza and ice cream. Perfect comfort food after a day of losing in the casino.

As a glutton for punishment, I decided to play some more slots with the hopes of winning my money back. Usually when I’m down a lot, I’ll win my money back at that last minute. This unfortunately did not happen tonight.
I lost even more money. I watched a little of Elvis singing Christmas songs then went up to the room before 8 to watch The Big Bang Theory.

The snow has ended and hopefully it will be sunny in the morning to warm up the roads for a safe drive home. Of course if I wake up at 5am again, I will go back to the casino because I haven’t learned my lesson and still believe I can win some of my money back.

Please watch the video of our time at Dover Downs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yrdZi4-Ci8

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