Dover Downs – Delaware’s Las Vegas

Dover Downs is the best! It is my favorite casino after Las Vegas. There are numerous restaurants and shops, a great hotel and all of my favorite slots! It is non-smoking, spacious, has fantastic customer service – and less than a two hour drive from my parents’ house in Maryland.

My mom and I arrived at Dover Downs Hotel and Casino in Dover, Delaware at 11am. Our rooms weren’t ready yet, but our friend Candy had already checked in so we put our things in her room. We had all requested rooms on the same floor. We all have comp rooms.

We decided to grab a sandwich at the deli before hitting the slots. We were finished lunch just before noon and before 12:30, I was down $100 – plus the $25 free slot play I had. With the rest of my money in Candy’s room, I had no choice but to relax in the lobby until I met mom at 1 to check on our rooms, which still weren’t ready yet.

I got my money from Candy’s room and was back at the slots by 1:15. I won over $200 on the first machine I played – Power Strike. Ah, now I could rest a little easier for the rest of the day.

By 2:30, I was even and took a break to see if our rooms were ready. They were. We went to Mom’s room first only to find someone else’s stuff there. We went back to the desk, and they gave us 2 rooms together but on a different floor from Candy. Mom had a suite with a big screen tv, so she switched with me.

By 3:30 I was back at the slots. I found a new Hot Shot slot. Hot Shot has been my favorite slot since I won on it in Vegas in May. But now there is a Hot Shot with a cash wheel. Same concept except a better, bigger screen plus the cash wheel giving you more chances to win. I won over $150, but by 4:45 I was down $100, so I decided to take a break before dinner.

I met Mom and Candy at the Fire and Ice Bar for drinks at 5:30. Then we went to Frankie’s for dinner at 6:00. It’s a Rat Pack themed Italian restaurant that is fantastic. I had Ceasar salad and eggplant parmesan. And of course vino!

By 7:00 I was back at the slots. I played all kinds of different slots, but none are as fun or pay off as much as my new favorite Hot Shot progressive with cash wheel. I won another $100., but unfortunately down over $250 for the day.

I decided to quit at 8:30 and come up to the room. I have the first half of the day tomorrow to play before we leave.
Please watch the video of our time at Dover Downs

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