Courtside at Grizzlies-Wizards 1.29.11

Saturday afternoon I wasn’t feeling that great from a bad headache. The headache was gone, but I was feeling the after affects – tired and my eyes were a bit numb. I was thinking that maybe I would not go to the Grizzlies – Wizards game, even though the Washington Wizards are sort of my home team. But I got an email at 4:30 from my Grizzlies account exec Marie Bugnitz saying she was going to leave a ticket for me at Will Call. I had previously asked her if there were any upgrades available. So I decided to suck it up and go because I can’t pass up on an upgraded ticket.

I pick up my ticket and it says $387. My entire season tickets cost $400. The ticket is in section 1, but there is no section 1. So I ask this man who works at FedEx Forum where section 1 is and show him my ticket. He looks at it for a second and then looks at me and says, ‘This is a $387. ticket! You’re on the floor.’ So I excitedly head dow the long stairway to the floor. I get to my seat and I am dead center court. I am courtside!

Grizzlies – Wizards 1.29.11

view from my courtside seat

It was a great game! I could hear the plays and see every expression on their faces. I think Tony Allen is my new favorite player. The Grizzlies defeated the Wizards 107-93. I don’t know how I’ll ever go back to my regular seat up top in good old section 203. Thanks Marie!

Go Z-Bo!

Go Grizz!

Please watch the video of my night with the Grizzlies courtside!

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