The Muppets

I’ve loved The Muppets for over 30 years, longer than I’ve loved U2. I used to watch The Muppet Show every week in the late 1970s. My favorite back then was Fozzie the Bear, but I had a Miss Piggy puppet which I still have today. Now I also love Animal because he plays the drums.

Animal is all about drums

I was very excited when I learned there was going to be a Muppet movie this year. I saw The Muppets yesterday and really liked it, but I wasn’t sure I was going to when the movie started. There was a bit of campy musical dance scenes in the beginning with Jason Segel, who wrote the movie for his love of Kermit, and Amy Adams, which I found a little cheesy. I wanted to see the Muppets dance and sing, not real people. But the Muppets soon took over the movie, and I was transported back into the late 1970s.

The Muppet Show

I identified with Walter, who is the #1 Muppet fan and actually a Muppet himself. His dream was to be part of the Muppet Show. He goes to Hollywood to visit the old Muppet Studio, which I must have missed as I walking down Hollywood Boulevard this summer – haha. As Walter stands in front of the theatre about to take the tour, he starts to shake because he’s SO excited. Reminded me of myself standing outside of Graceland before starting the tour. Then Walter faints when he meets Kermit. Much like me crying after Larry hugged me on his way to the stage in Pittsburgh.

The Muppets

The Muppets stayed true to its characters. Fozzie was still funny, Miss Piggy was still a diva, and Animal was still crazy – in fact he was in an anger management class with Jack Black. Other cameos were Dave Grohl, who was Fozzie’s drummer in his new act, Whoopi Goldberg and Jim Parsons – I was very excited to see Sheldon! If you loved The Muppet Show, you’ll like The Muppets.

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  1. Hey Deena, Loved your review!!! Just wanted to let you know that the part with the tour (Muppet Studio) doesn’t exist. We did shoot that scene at Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood. But everything else was Movie magic. I’m glad that you liked the film!! Walter has become a favorite character of mine and working on the film was just as magical as seeing it.

    Kim M.


  2. Longtime Muppet fans will undoubtedly have more fun than young ones, but for the most part, it’s a witty, delightful romp, that shows you that you can still be funny, without ever being mean still in 2011. Good review. Check out mine when you get the chance.


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