I Melt With You – the movie, not the song by modern english

I added the movie I Melt With You on my list of movies I wanted to see when I saw Rob Lowe and later Jeremy Piven talk about the it on The View. Those two actors alone are enough to make me want to see the movie. They billed it as a movie about guys and their friendships. This sounded interesting to me as one of my favorite movies, Swingers, is also about guys and their friendships. But make no mistake, this movie is not Swingers. Although there is also great music in this film, such as U2‘s Out of Control!

I Melt With You opens in theaters tomorrow Dec 9, but I was able to watch it last night on HD Movie Net. It is a dark movie, one that is hard to watch at times. But it is the kind of movie that you like more and more as the hours pass after you’ve watched it. The kind of movie that sticks with you, that you can’t get out of your head. I don’t want to give away the plot because that would do a disservice to the film. But I can say it is about four old college roommates in their mid-40s who get together for a week. They do this every year on the one friend’s birthday to catch up with each others’ lives. Please let me know what you think about I Melt With You after you see it.

In the words of Modern English, “I’ll stop the world and melt with you.”

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