My 48 hours at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino!

My 48 hours at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino was filled with free slot play, a great free room, lots of fantastic food, and most importantly fun with Mom. I love Dover Downs, second only to Vegas – better than Tunica. It is such a relaxing, calming and happy atmosphere. You can gamble for a bit with your free slot play, then relax in your free room and then gamble some more. You earn comp dollars quickly for snacks and meals while gambling. You can eat at one of the many great restaurants with huge portions of superb food at reasonable prices.

Dover Downs casino

In tee shirt and flip flops 11 days before Christmas, Mom and I drove to Dover, Delaware Wednesday morning and arrived at Dover Downs Hotel and Casino around 11:30am. After valet parking, we walked into the lobby and saw the beautiful ginger bread house. We checked into our free rooms and then had lunch at The Deli. I had the yummy special buffalo chicken wrap and fries. The Deli has the sweetest of sweet teas, even more sugary than Paula Deen’s. After lunch, Mom and I went to the casino. In an hour, I had lost my $90 free slot play at Triple Stars, American Idol, Hot Tournament, Hot Shot Cash Wheel, Sex and the City, Dean Martin’s Vegas Shindig, Double Jackpot 7, Fireball, and Hot Roll – although I did win small bonuses of $20 each at Triple Stars, American Idol, and Double Jackpot 7. Mom was nice enough to lend me $100. from her winnings, so I played Happy Days and Hot Shot – my two favorite games. But I didn’t win anything, so I went to my room at 2:30 to nap and watch tv until Happy Hour.

Dover Downs Ginger Bread House

Mom and I met  at the Fire and Ice bar, our favorite hangout at Dover Downs, for Happy Hour. Of course my pinot grigio was not a happy hour special. Feeling sorry for me and a little tipsy from her strong half priced vodka tonic, Mom lent me $50. of her winnings. From the suggestion of DoverDowns on twitter, I played MegaHits and doubled that $50 into $100. I took my money out and we went to dinner at Frankie’s, which is my favorite restaurant at Dover Downs. Frankie’s is this great Italian restaurant with huge portions of freshly made pasta at reasonable prices served while listening to the hits of the Rat Pack. I had the great house salad made with yummy sweet peppers and my favorite eggplant parmesan – and of course a glass of pinot grigio. Mom couldn’t eat all of her manicotti, so I finished that too – and had some of the pasta that came with it. Needless to say, I was quite full. To work off our dinner, we played some more slots. In an hour, I lost half of my $100. at Golden Monkey, Jackpot 7, Red Hot Fusion, Hot Tournament, Happy Days, Power Strike, and Wild and Wilder – although I did win small bonuses of $20. each at Red Hot Fusion, Power Strike, and Wild and Wilder. By 8pm, I was in my room with $50. left eating ice cream (as if I hadn’t already eaten enough food), watching The Big Bang Theory and reading Tim Tebow’s autobiography Through My Eyes.

Frankie's, my favorite restaurant at Dover Downs

Thursday morning Mom and I met in the casino at 9:45am. I still had the $50 from Wednesday and Mom lent me another $100. We played American Idol, Hot Tournament, Hot Shot Cash Wheel,  MegaHits, Betty Boop, Bombs Away, and Dirty Dancing. I had lost all of my money and was down to $2. on Dirty Dancing when I hit a bonus and won $215. I was so relieved to have some money to play with for the rest of the day. I played Jackpot Vegas Hits, Jackpot 7, Happy Days and Hot Shot. I finally won a little on my favorite games – $15. on Happy Days and $50. on Hot Shot. By 11:30 I had lost half of my winnings, so Mom and I went to The Deli for lunch. I had my favorite tuna melt on a croissant and three potato salad – and some more of that oh so sugary sweet tea. After lunch, I went back to my room to watch my soaps, relax and more importantly to make my money last longer.

my only win

With $100. from my Dirty Dancing winnings, I met Mom back in the casino at 2pm. I played Sex and the City for almost a half hour, but then it was all downhill from there. By 3pm, I had lost all of my money playing High Speed, Two for the Money, MegasTwo Winner, and Triple 7 Red Hot. I went back to my room until it was time to go to dinner. I watched the first horse race and then met Mom at Michele’s at 5:30 for dinner. It was Ladies’ Night – ladies get half priced entrees. Mom got the most delicious filet mignon. It literally felt like velvet – the most tender filet I’ve ever tasted. I had the chicken breast with crab meat – and of course pinot grigio. Mom and I split the chocolate lava cake for dessert – so rich and yummy. To walk off our dinner, we hit the casino again. On our way, we ran into Elvis and chatted with him for a bit. I regret that I didn’t get a picture with him. I just watched Mom play the slots, since I didn’t have any money. We were in our rooms by 7:30pm. Tomorrow morning we will avoid the casino, check out and head straight home.

watching the horse races from my room at Dover Downs

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