I Have Found What I’m Looking For at Dogtopia

the gym

I have finally found a job I actually like. My mom had been telling me to get a job so I can be with people, since I like to be alone – well alone with my 2 dogs. I found a job, but it’s with dogs, which is why I like it. So much for getting out and being with people. I started working at Dogtopia last week, and I love it! It’s a lot of cleaning up, a lot of barking, it’s early in the morning, it’s tiring, but I love being with dogs all day. It’s hard to describe unless you’re a dog lover, but I just love being around dogs petting them and playing with them. It truly is Dogtopia. And as an added bonus, Dogtopia fosters dogs from Dogs XL Rescue. I have fallen in love with one foster dog named Sanders. He is the sweetest dog and has been at Dogtopia for 3 months. He really needs a family. Unfortunately, I cannot take him because Elvis and Cilla would not be so welcoming – plus I have been warned that if I bring another dog home, I’ll be evicted.

the romp room

I have always wanted to take a passion of mine and turn it into a way of making money. Now I have done just that. I am making a living taking care of dogs, which are my greatest passion. I have finally found what I have been looking for.

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