Maryland Live Casino

Maryland Live Casino

Maryland Live Casino opened June 6th, but it took me over 2 weeks to get there. That may not seem like that long, but I love casinos, it’s only 20 minutes from my house, and my mom and her friends had already been there twice. So I finally went last Saturday and had a blast! I was really impressed. It is a big, spacious casino with all the latest slots and the customer service is fantastic! When finished it is going to be the third largest casino in the US.

Grease, my new favorite slot

Mom and I arrived at Maryland Live Casino just after 9am on Saturday morning, and it wasn’t crowded. We walked around the entire casino, so I could check it out. I was really excited to play the new Grease slot machine, which has now became my favorite. We played until about 11am and then stopped for lunch. Although I do want to try Bobby Flay’s Burgers and the Cheesecake Factory, we decided to eat at the Market buffet. It was really good – better than the buffet at CharlesTown. After lunch, we played for about an hour or so and left around 1:30 when it started getting crowded. I’m looking forward to going back to Maryland Live Casino, although I’m not thrilled about all of the dress code rules – especially no flip flops after 8pm.

Lots of Rules at Maryland Live Casino

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