BRONCOS country in Baltimore 12.16.12 – the denver broncos defeat the baltimore ravens 34-17

All year I have heard that the Ravens will defeat the Broncos when they play in Baltimore this season because the Broncos have never beaten the Ravens in Baltimore, and the Ravens are such a great team. Even though the Denver Broncos won 8 in a row and have MVP players like Peyton Manning and Von Miller, they said they haven’t proven themselves as a Superbowl-bound team because they’ve had an easy schedule, and haven’t played any great teams. They said if the Broncos can defeat the Ravens in Baltimore, then they will have proven themselves as a great team. Well maybe now the Denver Broncos will finally get the respect they deserve because they defeated the Ravens 34-17 in Baltimore in front of many Broncos fans, including myself! It was an amazing day!

Broncos country in Baltimore

The Denver Broncos Fanclub – DC Chapter organized a tailgate in lot J at M&T Bank Stadium before the Broncos-Ravens game yesterday. We arrived around 10:30, and the tailgate was in full swing soon after. It was great to meet everyone including Will, Rick, Ryan, Brandon, Mie, Dell, Ron, Dan and John. It was just so amazing to finally be hanging out and celebrating with fellow Broncos fans. We drank and ate and talked about how great the Broncos are, then we headed into the game.

Broncos tailgate in Baltimore

What a great game it was! We kind of new in the first quarter after that Flacco fumble and Broncos scored a touchdown that it was going to go our way. And after Harris intercepted Flacco for a 98-yard touchdown, we knew it was over. With only 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter, we moved down closer to the field so we could all sit together. Broncos win 34-17! Looking across the field behind the Broncos bench, it was a sea of orange where most of the Denver fans moved down to celebrate together. Elvis Dumervil tweeted about it saying, “We had a ton of fans out in Baltimore….s/o to our great fans. Great team win but still a lot more more work to get done.”

Broncos win 34-17

The Denver Broncos have won 9 in a row, with an 11-3 record and a 2nd seed in the playoffs. So now the DC Chapter of the Denver Broncos Fanclub is talking about going to New Orleans in February. Let’s book our rooms!

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