Big Brother

I usually prefer the word passionate to obsessed, but I am completely obsessed with Big Brother! It happens every year in July and continues through September. After finale night, I am usually very sad and let down because I have nothing to look forward to three times a week. I have watched every season since Big Brother 3. But for this year’s Big Brother 15, I have taken it to a whole new level by ordering the Live Feeds. I watch them every day and every night. It is amazing how much the show is edited. There is so much left out of the broadcasted episodes. When the house guests are sleeping or the feeds are down because they are filming a competition, I re-watch past seasons on YouTube. This summer I have watched seasons 6, 7, 8, 11, and I am currently watching season 12. I watched season 10 just last year, and have no desire to re-watch season 9. My favorite Big Brother players over the years have been Kaysar (seasons 6 & 7), Janelle (seasons 6 & 7), Dan (seasons 10 & 14), Jeff (seasons 11 & 13), Jordan (seasons 11 & 13), and Rachel (seasons 12 & 13). Dan is probably my overall favorite. This season my two favorite players are Andy and Judd. I have loved Andy since day one. I think he has played a great behind-the-scenes game. I also love Judd and was so shocked when he was evicted and so excited when he came back. I really hope Andy and Judd make it to the final two and Andy wins. Check back after finale night on September 18th to see if my favorites made it to the end. My name is Deena, and I am a Big Brother addict.


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