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When I was in middle school, I hated to read. In fact, I opted to take French instead of Challenge Reading because I did not want to read and write book reports. How times have changed. Now I love to read, and I love to write. I also love books. I love the smell of an old book. But as much as I love the feel of an actual book in my hand, I have to admit that I do love reading books on my Kindle. I like that I don’t have to have a light on to read because my Kindle is lit up. I like that books are much cheaper on Kindle. I like that I can carry my 100 books with me all the time. Even if I don’t have my Kindle with me, I can read my books through my Kindle app on my iPhone. So wherever I am, I can read my books.


My favorite books to read are autobiographies, memoirs and biographies. Mostly those of actors, musicians and politicians. I also enjoy reading histories and the classics. My favorite time period is post-WWII US history, particularly the 1950s. I also enjoy the history of places. For instance, I have a book about the history of Las Vegas. With the exception of The Catcher in the Rye I read a few years ago over Christmas, I am ashamed to admit I have not read many of the classic yet. But they part of the 100 plus books on my Kindle waiting to be read. And in two weeks when Big Brother concludes, I will be free from watching hours and hours of the live feeds and have plenty of time to read. If you would like to see what books are on my list to read, please click here on this great social media site for book lovers called Goodreads that I just discovered.

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