Broncos get Revenge on Ravens

It was the game everyone had been talking about. The playoff rematch of one of the most exciting games in recent NFL history. Thursday night was the NFL Kickoff game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Denver Broncos. The Ravens were defending their Super Bowl championship, and the Broncos were looking for revenge for their heartbreaking, season-ending loss. The game did not disappoint, unless you are a Ravens fan. Peyton Manning’s record-tying seven touchdown passes led the Broncos to a 49-27 win over the Ravens. Guess you don’t need the highest paid quarterback in the NFL to win – just the most talented.


Besides being a much anticipated game, this Ravens-Broncos rematch also brought much controversy. Historically the Super Bowl Champions open the season at home, but the Ravens played the Broncos in Denver because the Orioles had a game in Baltimore. The NFL tried to appease Ravens fans by having the Kickoff Celebration in Baltimore rather than in Denver, the actual host city of the game. Meanwhile in Denver, Broncos fans were annoyed that their stadium was adorned with a picture of Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. The same quarterback who squashed the Broncos Super Bowl hopes in January with a last second, game-winning, hail mary pass in double overtime. The NFL mandated pictures of both quarterbacks, Manning and Flacco, also lined the streets of downtown Denver. NFL vice president of corporate communications, Brian McCarthy, defended the banners saying, “think of this game as more of an opening ceremony, a celebration of the new season for the entire league.” Hypocritically, the NFL Kickoff Celebration in Baltimore was more like a Ravens rally than a ‘celebration for the entire league.’ But that is alright because karma is a bitch and the Denver Broncos got their revenge when they embarrassingly massacred the Baltimore Ravens 49-27. Click here for the glorious highlights.

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