Who Will Win Big Brother 15?

Big Brother 15 comes to an end tomorrow night in a special hour and a half finale where one person will be crowned the $500,000. winner. I am hoping that person is Andy, the red-headed homosexual Howdy Doody lookalike from Chicago. I have loved and been rooting for Andy since day one. If he wins, Andy will make Big Brother history as the first homosexual winner. Some see him as a floater, but if you’ve watched the live feeds as I have, you know that Andy has been instrumental in orchestrating almost every eviction since week one. He was working with both Amanda and Helen to get everyone out of the house. Then when it was time to get those two out of the house, Andy aligned himself with GinaMarie and Spencer whom he had always been friends with. Calling themselves the Exterminators, it is these three who are in the final three competition to win Big Brother 15. One will win the grand prize of $500,000., one will win the second place prize of $50,000. and whoever wins third place wins nothing. I am hoping Spencer gets third place because he has already won $10,000. and a Bahamas vacation in previous competitions. Plus I don’t think Spencer has really played the game, except avoiding evictions when he was nominated a Big Brother record eight times. GinaMarie deserves second place because she has really played the game the second half, after really doing nothing the first half. GinaMarie started winning comps and was the first to put up Amanda and McCrea to split up the showmance. In addition, GinaMarie has been fiercely loyal and has not lied the entire season. On the other hand, Andy has lied to almost everyone. He was loyal to the people he had to be loyal to and then when it was time to turn on them to further his game, he lied and voted them out. That’s how you play Big Brother, and that’s why Andy deserves to win!


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