man’s best friend?

Dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend. Would you take your best friend to a homeless shelter and leave him there not knowing whether he will live or die? I don’t understand how anyone can care for and love a dog for 8 months or 8 years and then just abandon him because he is no longer convenient for them. Would these same people trade in their children at age 13 for a baby? As insane as that sounds to you, that is how unthinkable it is to me that anyone would get rid of their dog. The message here is simple, think long and hard before you adopt (not buy from a breeder) a dog. Don’t be selfish and get a dog just because you think it will be neat to have a dog. Consider the dog and if his life will be better if he’s with you. If you like dogs and want to be around them but know that your lifestyle will not accommodate a dog, then please do not adopt a dog, volunteer to walk and/or play with dogs at a shelter or rescue group.


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