returning shows of the new fall season

My favorite shows on tv right now are The Big Bang Theory and Law and Order: SVU, actually they are among my top ten favorite shows of all time – with Happy Days and Beverly Hills 90210 being my favorites. The Big Bang season premiere was very funny, mostly because it was primarily Sheldon and Penny. Sheldon is my favorite and when he and Penny interact, it is gold. The second new episode that aired right after it wasn’t as funny. I was a little worried about this season because that second episode reminded me of season 5, which I did not like that much. But last year, they restored my faith and brought season 6 back up to the great Big Bang Theory of the first four seasons. My worries were put to rest when I watched the third episode last week. It was hysterical! Howard and Amy Farrah Fowler belting out Neil Diamond in the car – brilliant!

The two-hour premier of SVU was really good, very intense. It completely focused on Benson and what she was going through. After two seasons of being gone, they are still mentioning Stabler. SVU has not been the same since Stabler left, but I keep watching because I have since the first episode 14 years ago. Although episode three last week reminded me of the SVU of yesteryear. It starred Cybil Shepherd as a racist celebrity chef who shot and killed this young black boy because he was wearing a hoodie and walking toward her. It was pretty much Paula Deen killing Trayvon Martin, definitely a story ripped from the headlines. A great episode! Maybe there is life after Stabler.


The other three returning shows that I watch are Parenthood, Blue Bloods and Revenge. In its 5th season, Parenthood is still fantastic. The writing is beautiful and real, and it is a great cast. I love how they bring some of the characters from Friday Night Lights over, since they are both Ron Howard’s Imagine Television productions. I started watching Blue Bloods for Donnie Wahlberg, but it is a fantastic show. Donnie is a phenomenal actor, and I love JJ (Will Estes) from American Dreams. My favorite scenes are the family dinners. In its 4th season, Blue Bloods is still going strong and as good as ever. The first season of Revenge was fantastic! It was a constant who-done-it with twists and turns throughout every episode – an intense soap opera thriller. Unfortunately, the second season wasn’t that good. After the mystery was solved, there wasn’t much else to do. They continued to try, but they tried too hard. This year, it looks like Revenge may be back to its original good form. The premiere showed Emily/Amanda getting shot and blown off the boat into the ocean, then flashed back two months so we’ll spend the season watching what leads up to her shooting. Just as we did in the first season, watching what led up to the shooting on the beach.

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