NKOTB my 1st concert ever – Baltimore 1990

Three weeks from tomorrow, I am leaving for Las Vegas. And in 23 days I am going to my first of four NKOTB shows. In anticipation of NKOTB in Vegas in the next few weeks, I am going to post my experiences from past NKOTB shows. So far I have seen NKOTB 12 times and Jordan Knight solo once. I have met them twice. I will see NKOTB four more times in Vegas this July and Jordan Knight (with Nick Carter) three times this October. That will bring my grand total to 16 NKOTB shows and four JK shows. I won’t be meeting NKOTB this time since I wasn’t able to get VIP tickets for the Vegas shows, which I am completely fine with because I will be meeting Jordan Knight twice in October since I was able to score VIP – and I only really care about meeting Jordan!

My New Kids on the Block odyssey began some 24 years ago. The year was 1990, and I had just graduated high school. I was not allowed to go to concerts until I graduated high school, so this NKOTB concert would be my first. We camped outside the Baltimore Arena for tickets. We didn’t get there until about five in the morning, so our seats were not that great. We were far from the stage and up top. (This was before I knew all the ins and outs of ticket buying.) No matter how far away our seats were, we were so excited and the screaming was so loud. Funny, because it is the same screaming 24 years later – the same women now in their 30s and 40s screaming. Back then I was a Danny girl, now I’m a Jordan girl. Sadly, I don’t have any of my old NKOTB memorabilia, which is strange because I save everything. But I don’t have my ticket to that first concert or my tour program or the Step by Step vhs tape or my Danny pillowcase.

Please come back as I continue reminiscing about all 12 of my NKOTB shows. Next up, Memphis 2009.

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