NKOTB in Memphis 7.2.09 Full Service Tour

The second time I saw NKOTB was 19 years after the first time. It was 2009, and I was living in Memphis. NKOTB had reunited the previous year. I saw NKOTB in the fifth row at the Mud Island Amphitheater on July 2, 2009 in support of their new album The Block. At the time, I didn’t really know the new record and was just going because NKOTB just reunited and I used to really like them. But that concert in Memphis changed everything and completely renewed my NKOTB obsession. I have seen NKOTB at least once a year every year since 2009.

10399402_99524204167_4267919_nI had THE best time at that NKOTB concert in Memphis! I was SO close! All the screaming girls who were in their teens in late-80s, early-90s were now screaming women in their 30s.  I arrived early and saw Jordan and Joey arrive by golf carts to their tour buses. I was no longer a Danny girl as I was in my teens. I was not a full fledged Jordan girl – and still am! During the opening act, Joey’s wife and son were sitting across from me, and I danced with the little boy – so cute. Earlier that day, Joey had been at Graceland – of course I was working at the National Civil Rights Museum and was unable to stalk them. But Joey wore his Elvis tee shirt while he sang Jailhouse Rock, so that was pretty cool. To see all my pictures from that show, please click here.

Check back next week as I relive the CasiNO-Tour openers in Las Vegas 2010.



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