Jordan Knight’s solo show!

I didn’t see any of the NKOTBSB tour of 2011 because I was busy following U2 around the States on their 360 tour. So I had wait a whole two years from when I saw NKOTB in Vegas to when I saw my favorite New Kid Jordan Knight at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland on March 25, 2012. At the time I didn’t have any of Jordan’s solo albums (now I have them all) and only knew one song (NKOTB’s “The Right Stuff”), but I had the best time at that show! It was so much fun, and Jordan is so entertaining and nice and personable and HOT!

548950_10150707223234168_734599167_9118817_1118563204_nI left my house at 6:30pm wearing my Jordan boyfriend tee shirt and listening to my favorite NKOTB song “Single” repeatedly on the half hour drive to The Fillmore. I arrived just after the doors opened at 7pm. I got a spot on the front rail all the way on the end, but it was a great view. The first thing I saw were orange drums! My ticket said doors opened at 7pm and the Fillmore website said the show started at 8pm, but Jordan Knight didn’t take the stage until 9:05pm – and only played until 10:23pm. So basically I waited for Jordan longer than I actually saw him perform. But it was well worth the wait because Jordan Knight put on a great show, very intimate and extremely entertaining! He talked and interacted a lot with the audience, including bringing three fans on stage to dance during “Rockstar.” Jordan performed songs in typical NKOTB style as well as sang ballads while playing the keyboards. The highlight of the show for me was Jordan’s performance of NKOTB’s “The Right Stuff” because it was the only song I knew.

Now I have all of Jordan’s solo albums and am looking forward to seeing him three times (with Nick Carter) on the Nick and Knight Tour this October, including two VIPs with Meet and Greets! I am very excited to have a Meet and Greet with just Jordan, not sharing with all of NKOTB!

Check back here tomorrow for the incredible MixTape Festival of 2012 where NKOTB performed twice!

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