ranking Big Brother seasons 1-15

and my favorite players

Before a new season of Big Brother begins tomorrow, I wanted to rank seasons 1-15 and my favorite players from each season. Season 6 is my favorite Big Brother season ever and Kaysar is my favorite Big Brother player ever, although I think Dan is the best player to ever play the game. Although Mike Boogie did not make my list, he is one of my favorites. My favorite Big Brother players in order are Kaysar, Dan, Jeff, Mike Boogie, Evel Dick, Janelle, and Rachel. My favorite Big Brother seasons in order are as follows:

1 – Season 6 – Kaysar 
I loved loved loved Kaysar and was SO upset when he was betrayed and voted out of the house. He is probably my favorite player to this day. This season is my favorite because of Kaysar and because the house was so divided – there were clear sides that held true until the end. I was very emotionally involved in season 6. I literally hated the other side of the house. I was team Kaysar, Janelle, Howie and James for sure. “What up KAYSAR?”

2 – Season 7 – Kaysar
Luckily, I got a chance to see Kaysar again on this AllStars season. After he was voted out, Janelle was my favorite – as I was still loyal to season 6. I loved the AllStars season and can’t wait for another – crossing my fingers for AllStars Season 17.

3 – Season 10 – Dan
I love Dan, which is why season 10 is my third favorite season. Kaysar is my favorite, but Dan is the best Big Brother player ever. He and Memphis were a brilliant alliance. Reny and Jerry brought some classic lines – “you’ll always be Judas to me.”

4 – Season 8 – Evel Dick
Dick is not mean, he’s just honest and most people can’t handle the truth. I really enjoy Dick and was rooting for him the entire time. Again, there were two clear sides to the house that held true to the end, and I like that.

5 – Season 13 – Jeff
I liked this season because it was a season of AllStars of sorts, with six returning players. I loved seeing Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, Brendan, Evel Dick and Danielle back in the house. Unfortunately, Dick had to leave within the first week. I cheered on Jeff from the beginning and was so upset when Shelly betrayed him. I hadn’t been that emotional since Kaysar left the house in season 6. Clown shoe! Ugh!

6 – Season 14 – Dan
Again, I liked this season because of the return of four players – Dan, Janelle, Boogie and Brittany. They started out as coaches but soon entered the game as players. I obviously rooted for Dan the entire time. I still think he should have won over Ian. Dan was instrumental that entire season of getting everyone out of the house while convincing everyone to save him every week. It was unreal how amazingly manipulative he was – fantastic!

7 – Season 11 – Jeff
Who doesn’t like Jeff and Jordan? They are truly the nicest, sweetest, down to earth people.

8 – Season 12 – Rachel
I really think I liked Rachel is this season because everyone hated her. She was a beast in competitions. Although her crying was a bit annoying, she wasn’t a mean girl. In fact she was pretty honest, which I like. She just told it like it was – sort of like Evel Dick. I was happy to see Rachel win Season 13 – after Jeff was evicted.

9 – Season 4 – Erica
I remember really liking Erica this season, but not so much on AllStars. I don’t remember too much else about this season.

10 – Season 5 – Jase
I know Jase was a bit of an ass, but I liked that – and he was much better on AllStars. I don’t remember too much else about this season.

11 – Season 3 – Amy
This was the first season I watched Big Brother. I liked Amy because she was from Memphis and I moved to Memphis that summer and saw Amy at the Peabody Hotel where I worked. I really don’t remember too much else about this season.

12 – Season 2– didn’t watch when it was on, but have watched it one time since. can’t rank or pick a player since I already knew who won before I watched it.

13 – Season 15 – Andy
I did not love this season and will probably never re-watch it again. There weren’t really two sides of the house and they always voted how the ‘house’ wanted to vote, which is annoying. Plus the racial slurs were just disgusting. It was the first season I ordered the Live Feeds though and became even more obsesses. I rooted for Andy since day one.

14 – Season 9 – don’t remember anything about this season and have never re-watched it.

15 – Season 1 – didn’t watch when it was on, but have watched it one time since. can’t rank or pick a player since I already knew who won before I watched it.

Do you agree/disagree? I wonder where Big Brother 16 will rank on my list?

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