My thoughts on the first week of Big Brother 16

This is sort of going to be my Big Brother journal, where each week I will just rattle off my thoughts on the current situation in the Big Brother 16 house. After watching the three broadcasted episodes, 36 hours of the Live Feeds (sadly I am not exaggerating) and three episodes of Dick at Nite, I have just a few thoughts on the new Big Brother season. I am not sure I like all the changes, I find the twists interesting, and I have changed my initial thoughts on some of the house guests.

There are many changes on this new season of Big Brother, and I am not sure how I feel about all of them yet. First of all, there is a new opening to the show, which by the way I did not even notice Wednesday and Thursday – just realized it last night on Sunday’s show. I don’t like it. It’s full body of the house guests with water washing through them. What are they going to do when they are evicted, have full bodies grayed out – that’s going to be kind of freaky. I liked it better when their faces were in the windows of house logo. Speaking of which, I do like the new logo – that change does not bother me. The second change that freaked me out is the nomination ceremony. It is no longer that huge circular nomination box. And there is no more pulling the keys out one by one telling each house guest they are safe. Now with the two HoHs, there are two small nomination boxes and each HoH pulls out the house keys of his nominations. The HoH doesn’t announce the name of his nominee until they see their face on the wall – a video on the memory wall. So where it used to be you wanted to see your key come out, now you don’t. I liked the old nomination ceremony.

I like the new twist, but find it a little confusing to keep straight in my head. There are two head of households (HoHs). Each HoH nominates two house guests for eviction. Then those four house guests play each other as a team in the new Battle of the Block competition. The two noms that win are safe for the week (can’t be replacement noms). The HoH who nominated those two noms that won is dethroned and is no longer HoH and could be nominated as a replacement nominee if the power of veto is used. The losing noms stay on the block until the power of veto, and the HoH who nominated them stays in power as HoH. Confused? This week Frankie and Caleb each won HoH. Caleb nominated Paola and Donny while Frankie nominated Brittany and Victoria. Brittany and Victoria won, so they are safe for the week and Frankie is no longer HoH. Caleb is the reigning HoH and Paola and Donny remain on the block for eviction. Clearer now? I have no idea how they are going to do the HoH competition this week. Whether it will be two separate HoH comps like last week, or the top two winners will become HoH. Guess we will find out Thursday.

This week I am Team Derrick, Team Zach and Team Nicole. And I would probably add Christine as my fourth. This is similar to my top four I picked after just watching the interviews, except I dropped Amber down and moved Zach up.  I loved Derrick from the minute I saw him on his interview with Jeff, and I still really like him. Just a great normal guy who is playing well so far (it’s only the first week so who knows). I moved Zach up to number two because he’s really a smart player I think, not as over the top as he was on his interview or his intro, but maybe has enough of Dan in him to win this thing. Nicole is staying in my number three spot. I really like her and she’s laying low, but is also very social and everyone likes her. I moved Christine down from my favorite to number four, but I like her – just don’t love her. Nicole and Christine are more like my kind of girls, not all skinny and worried about makeup and jewelry – not girly girls. My most surprising change is I like Brittany. I could not stand her in her interview. She was boring, and I just didn’t like her. But she’s actually playing the game and not annoying. Who is annoying is Paola. I didn’t love her on the interviews, but I hated her in the first broadcasted show. But since then she’s been fine – on the Live Feeds she isn’t annoying. I still don’t like Victoria. My instincts were right on about her. She is such a spoiled princess, not my kind of person at all – and it seems everyone in the house agrees with me (at least the guys). I should have stuck with my initial instinct on Devon. At first I thought he was good looking, except for that too big smile, but didn’t trust him in his interview. I thought there was something off about him. Actually, I thought he was really fake – coming off as nice, but really wasn’t. Then after the first episode aired, I liked him and thought maybe he really is that authentic. After watching Devon on the Live Feeds, I can’t stand him. He’s on every camera, talking and talking and talking. He added people to his alliance without telling his alliance and is way too OCD about the kitchen. You live with 15 other people, what do you expect? And Devon said he quit pro baseball to raise his daughter, but he hasn’t even seen his daughter in over three months and missed her first birthday last year. I am undecided about Caleb. I didn’t care about him much during his interview, but then liked him once the show started, and now he’s getting on my nerves a bit with his obsession with Amber and his HoHitis – not to mention his racial and homophobic slurs and animal cruelty. I still like Donnie, but he hasn’t gotten much air time and isn’t even on the live feeds that much. I still like Frankie. He’s not as outrageous as I expected and is actually in a great position in the house playing the game well. Amber, Jacosta, Hayden, Cody are all ok – don’t have strong feelings about them either way right now. I don’t like Joey as much as I thought I was going to – a bit too much for me. It seems most of the house feels the same way.

SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t watch the live feeds and don’t want to know who won Power of Veto and what happened in the Veto ceremony, then quit reading now. Donny won the POV and obviously used it to save himself. Caleb then nominated Joey as the replacement, so now Paola and Joey are on the block for eviction. There was a small chance that Devon was going to go up. A few, or more than a few, people wanted it, but all thought it was too early and they still needed him for numbers. Devon is starting to grate on everyone. But Joey freaked people out more with her streaking, announcing she started a girls’ alliance, and then calling out Caleb saying he was going to talk to everyone in the house to see who they wanted as a replacement nom, so it would be the house’s decision. As of right now, it looks like Joey is going home, but there is a lot of time before eviction on Thursday night. On the showmance front, it looks like Nicole and Cody may be the first showmance of the season, not Hayden and Nicole and certainly not Caleb and Amber – those two guys have a to get a clue! On the alliance front, the Bomb Squad is going to blow up. They have a Gina Marie stalker in Caleb and a crazy, annoying, anal freak in Devin. Hopefully, Derrick, Zach, Cody and Frankie can stay intact and keep the Bomb Squad more Brigade than Moving Company.

If you are not watching Dick at Nite, then you should be. It is hosted by Big Brother 8 winner Evel Dick and is fantastic! Three nights a week, after the west coast broadcast of Big Brother, Dick talks with previous house guests about their season and their thoughts on this current season. He is going to have some great guests this season including Mike Boogie, Dr. Will, Dan, and this Wednesday a Season 6 reunion with four members of the Sovereign 6: Janelle, Howie, James and KAYSAR!!! What up KAYSAR?! Kaysar is my favorite and I am SO excited for this episode Wednesday! You can subscribe to Dick at Nite here – it’s only $20. for the entire season.

Check back every week to see how I am feeling about what is going on in the Big Brother 16 house. And follow me on Twitter @DeenasDays for up to the minute rants.

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