Team Derrick

my Big Brother journal 9.13.14

Wednesday was not the live event I thought it was going to be. No one was evicted. They just literally rewound the week. We did get to see inside the Jury House with everyone’s non-welcome of Christine and Donny’s hysterical comment to her “Do you have a lawyer?” after she [continue reading]

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my Big Brother journal 9.7.14

The Double Eviction Thursday sent both Nicole and Christine to the Jury House. Nicole was evicted first. Then Derrick won HoH and nominated Christine and Victoria, with the intent of evicting Christine. Frankie won Veto, kept noms the same and Christine was evicted. Christine walked out and did not [continue reading]

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my Big Brother journal 9.2.14

Last week, Donny was evicted and gets a role on Bold and the Beautiful, which is so odd to me. Before he was evicted Donny was crying that Team America didn’t stick together and save him, but just a few weeks ago Donny said he wasn’t there for Team America – he was there for Donny [continue reading]

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my Big Brother journal 8.25.14

Not much going on in the feeds this week, and my guess is it will only get less exciting over the next month. Pretty much everything I was going to blog about was covered in last night’s episode, except for the Veto. I really liked that the four evicted house guests got to go back into the [continue reading]

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my Big Brother journal 8.18.14

Nicole was evicted Thursday. I still think it was better for Derrick’s game if Donny would have gone, but keeping Donny does afford Derrick Team America money. I just hope it doesn’t hurt his game long term. And who knows, maybe Nicole will get back into the house. Next week the four [continue reading]

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