my Big Brother 16 journal 7.7.14

week 2 in the BB16 house

Another week of Big Brother. My favorite players thus far are the super fans Derrick, Nicole, Christine, Donny, Frankie and Zach (although Zach isn’t a super fan, but I still like him). I still believe they should only cast real Big Brother fans, not just those who want fame and to be on a tv show. My favorite overall player is Derrick. I have liked him from the beginning and my instincts were right. He’s a good guy and playing the game really well. Derrick isn’t winning any comps, but is playing a great social game and has a few alliances that has him covered.


My Thoughts on the House Guests:

Assuming there is a seven person jury, I want it to be Nicole, Frankie, Brittany, Donny, Zach, Cody and Hayden. I want the final two to be Derrick and Christine, with Derrick winning Big Brother 16. In order of how I want the others to go is Paola this week then Devin next week. Then Jacosta, Caleb, Victoria and Amber. I am loving Brittany, which is ironic because she was my least favorite going into the house. Brittany is playing the game and is very smart. She knew about Devin before anyone else. I like Cody so much more now, as he is good with Nicole and Derrick (my two faves). Christine is fine. Seems like she’s playing a good game. I liked Frankie because he is really smart and playing a great game. Like Derrick, he is well-liked and covered from all sides. But then I heard him selling out my boy Derrick to Devin, which I did not like. Seems like Frankie is playing like Andy from last season, but unlike Andy a lot of people know he’s playing both sides. I am still on the fence about Caleb. I sort of like him, but he’s too tied to Devin and his obsession with Amber is ridiculous. Although it has seemed to subside a bit. I still like Zach, but he’s a bit obnoxious, cocky and hyper. I thought he was like Dan, but his recent antics made me realize he is not at all like Dan. I have no feeling about Paola, Jacosta, Victoria,  or Hayden – they can go whenever. Heyden is a great competitor though. I love Donny. He’s such a great guy, but he’s has little presence in the house. He’s not even on the live feeds much.

I cannot stand Devin. It seems like I am not alone in this feeling. Everyone on Twitter and inside the house seems to agree with me. I remember watching his interview with Jeff and I thought Devin was fake and something was off about him, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. All Devin talks about is his daughter, and how he’s there for his daughter and how he misses his daughter, but he hasn’t even seen his daughter in 3 months before he went into the BB house and missed her first birthday last year. And he didn’t quit baseball (minor league by the way) for his daughter. He was suspended from baseball for drugs, and not steroids, but most likely cocaine. Devin has admitted to being arrested for a DUI and having many stints in rehab, yet he did nine jello shots at the Battle of the Block competition. WTH? Also, Devin was arrested for burglary a few years back. But besides all that, he’s just an ass. It is his way or the highway, and he talks down to everyone, and he intimidates everyone. When others try to talk with Devin, he just starts shaking his head and laughing and immediately goes on the defensive not listening to them, but rather thinking about how he’s going to respond.


BB16 Week 2 in Review:

This week’s HoH comps were divided into boys and girls. Amber, a member of the Bomb Squad, won for the girls. Cody, also a member of the Bomb Squad, won for the boys, but after a review Devin won. Devin, who everyone hates, replaces Cody, who was going to backdoor him given the chance, as winner. Hmm, coincidence? I think not. Hayden almost won but fell off at the end. While the camera was on Hayden, Cody then Devin buzzed in to win, but the camera was on neither of them. Nominations were around midnight, just a few hours after the HoH comps. Devin nominated Paola and Brittany – his target was Brittany. Amber nominated Hayden and Nicole, so they would win and keep Devin’s nominations. Devin told everyone they were being nominated before they were nominated. Devin asked Paola to throw the Battle of the Block comp so he could get Brittany out of the house. He promised her he would take her off the block at Veto ceremony if she threw the Battle of the Block. Around 5am, the Battle of the Block competition took place and Hayden and Nicole won as per the plan.

SPOILER ALERT – stop reading now if you don’t watch the Live Feeds. Late Friday night / early Saturday morning around 3am, Big Brother 16 finally got interesting! Caleb finally realized what an ass Devin is, and it blew up in the backyard in front of everyone with Devin yelling “the alliance is over!” and Caleb responding “then you’re gone next week!” Although it seems they may have patched things up now, Caleb no longer has complete trust in Devin. The Veto comp took place Saturday night and unfortunately Devin won. Even though he promised to take down Paola, Devin approached Brittany and made a deal saying if he took her down, she would have to promise not to go after him next week. Devin also made a similar deal with Victoria that if he did not put her up as a replacement, she would promise not to go after him next week. But it looks like Devin is going to take down Brittany and replace her with Zach because Zach couldn’t hold his tongue anymore and blew up at Devin. If this happens, the Bomb Squad is over and even Caleb will turn on Devin. Caleb is huge on loyalty. But Brittany told Derrick if Devin uses the Veto on her, she’s going to decline announcing to the house that she would not make a deal with Devin to save herself. This has never been done before and Brittany was waiting to hear back if she is allowed to do this. If this happens, which I hope it does, it will blow up Devin’s game, blow up the Bomb Squad and rock the house – yay! Sunday night, Derrick and Frankie were talking about how they are part of America’s Team along with Donny. Now the three of them completely trust each other and are an alliance over their previous alliances. Veto Meeting took place Monday afternoon. Apparently Devin used the Veto on Brittany, and she accepted it. Devin replaced Brittany with Zach. Apparently both Zach and Brittany blew everything up exposing Devin, the Bomb Squad and Paola throwing the comp. Hopefully, Paola will be gone Thursday and Devin and Caleb will lose their minds because they assume the whole house is with them in wanting Zach out. So now it looks like the only clear alliances are Derrick/Frankie/Donny and Nicole/Christine/Hayden and Cody/Zach (Derrick used to be with them) and Devin/Caleb/Amber (Frankie used to be with them). 

Next week my BB journal will be a little delayed as I will be in Vegas the rest of this week, so I will need to catch up when I return.

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