my Big Brother journal 7.16.14

A little late with my Big Brother journal this week because I was in Vegas at the NKOTB After Dark shows, so I’ve had to catch up on the shows and live feeds. This will just be a quick recap since I’m a little late to the party and roundup of my favorites.

I was very excited that my favorites Derrick and Nicole won HoH. The plan is to evict Devin, so they want to backdoor him. Derrick nominated Jocasta and Caleb, and Nicole nominated Amber and Donny. Jocasta was nominated because she hasn’t done anything in the game thus far and would possibly be a vote to keep Devin. Amber was nominated because she nominated Nicole and could possibly be a vote for Devin as she is working with Caleb. Derrick nominated Caleb after getting him to ‘volunteer’ to be nominated so he can save Amber by throwing the Battle of the Block competition. Donny wasn’t going to be nominated until he blabbed what Nicole told him confidence about Caleb throwing the Battle of the Block competition to keep Amber safe. And that’s exactly what happened. Donny and Amber won the Battle of the Block and are safe from eviction for the week. Nicole was dethroned and poof was gone and returned as a frog – a costume she has to wear this week. Derrick remains HoH and Caleb and Jocasta remain on the block. SPOILER ALERT – Donny wins the VETO again and uses it on Jocasta and is Devin goes up as the replacement nominee. So now Devin and Caleb are on the block, and I think something might happen and Caleb will go home because he’s a great competitor too. If they had left Jocasta on the block against Devin, Devin would 100% go home. I cannot stand Devin, but I almost think it would be a better game move to get Caleb out of the house now. I guess we will find out on Thursday.

My favorite is still Derrick, and I want him to win the whole thing and right now think he has the best shot – assuming America’s Team doesn’t get exposed and no one finds out Derrick’s been lying about his job (he’s really a cop). I am not sure who I want sitting next to Derrick at the end – whoever will lost to him I guess. But I want Devin, Caleb, Jocasta, Victoria and Amber out before jury.

Next week’s BB16 installment will be more detailed and interesting as I am caught up and back on the live feeds.

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