Broncos’ owner Pat Bowlen steps down after 30 years

The Denver Broncos training camp began with sad news as Pat Bowlen stepped down after 30 years of being the Broncos’ owner. Bowlen relinquished control to deal with his Alzheimer’s. Broncos’ president Joe Ellis will take over control of the Broncos. Ellis, who “bleeds orange and blue” according to John Elway, has been in Denver as long as Bowlen. The Denver Broncos will remain in the Bowlen family, as the franchise is owned by a trust, and Pat hopes that one day one of his children will take over control of the team.

Ever since I have been a Broncos fan, Pat Bowlen has been there – on the sidelines every game, home or away, rain or snow. Bowlen bought the team in 1984 during John Elway’s second season. Since that time the Denver Broncos have been to six Super Bowls (one in 1977 before Bowlen took over the team) including two back to back Super Bowl wins in 1997 and 1998.

To this day some 16 years later, I still cry every time I re-watch the Broncos – Packers Super Bowl (their first Super Bowl win). I had lived through three Broncos Super Bowl losses, so it was such an emotional experience when they finally won! It was especially emotional during the Lombardi trophy presentation after the game when on the stage Pat Bowlen said, “This one’s for John!” So everyone is saying this year after the Broncos win the Super Bowl, John Elway will proudly hold that Lombardi up high and say, “This one’s for Pat!”

I truly hope that happens – for so many reasons obviously. With Pat Bowlen stepping down as the Broncos’ owner, it is definitely an end of an era. Thank you Mr. Bowlen for all you have done for the Denver Broncos and the National Football League!

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