my Big Brother journal 7.28.14

We are one quarter of the way through the 16th season of Big Brother. Four house guests have been evicted: Joey, Paola, Devin and Brittany – all recruits by the way, none of them were fans of Big Brother or even saw the show until they watched the dvds in sequester. This week should be no different, another non-fan should be walking out that door on Thursday. And that makes me very happy. I want a real Big Brother fan to win.

It’s been an emotional week in the Big Brother house. It an unthinkable, almost unimaginable, that both Frankie’s grandfather and Derrick’s grandfather died within two days of each other. We all knew Frankie’s grandfather was dying because his sister had been posting it on Twitter. It was heartbreaking to listen to Frankie go on about how great his grandparents are and how much he loves them knowing that his grandfather was dying. There was a debate on Twitter about whether Frankie should be told that his grandfather was dying. He wasn’t. We found out Wednesday on Twitter that Frankie’s grandfather had died the day before. That evening production told Frankie his grandfather had died from cancer at the age of 90. In the letter, Frankie was told that his grandfather didn’t want Frankie to come home and wanted him to stay and play Big Brother, and his family also wanted him to stay. Then two days later, production told Derrick that his grandfather had died. Derrick’s grandfather had not been sick, but was 86 and died in his sleep. We didn’t get to hear Derrick’s letter on the live feeds (maybe they’ll show it Wednesday), but Derrick’s mom did say for Derrick to stay and continue to play Big Brother and that she was proud of the great game he was playing. Sunday night Jocasta held a memorial service for Frankie and Derrick’s grandfathers.

I am SO glad the Detonators are still in charge! Frankie and Zach won HoH. This was Frankie’s third time winning HoH. Right before the HoH competition, the Have Nots for the week were announced. They were Derrick, Caleb, Nicole and Christine were chosen as Have Nots because supposedly they were the laziest as recorded from their activity bracelets. The only way they could escape the Have Nots for the week was to become HoH. The HoH comp was a knock out comp and Derrick and Frankie were against each other and the winner would be the first HoH. Knowing that if Frankie won HoH he would get a letter from his family and pictures of his grandfather, Derrick threw the competition so Frank could win – even though Derrick would be on slop for the week sleeping on an ice bed and taking cold showers. This was an amazing act of kindness made even more glaring when the next night Derrick found out his grandfather had died.

Frankie and Zach discussed who their target would be. After considering Caleb, they decided on Amber thinking Caleb will easy to beat once Amber is out of the house. They decided the best way to get Amber out of the house is to backdoor her. Frankie nominated Jocasta and Victoria figuring they would lose the Battle of the Block and keep him as HoH. Zach nominated Nicole and Christine basically because they were the other girls. At the nomination ceremony Zach Attack gave one of his winning speeches which was actually much funnier on the live feeds when he was practicing. Team America had hoped his would insight an argument so they could collect their $5000. for another complete mission, but Nicole and Christine just laughed – then cried. Nicole and Christine did win the Battle of the Block making themselves safe for the week and dethroning Zach. Frankie for the first time remained HoH. Victoria and Jocasta remain on the block.

SPOILER ALERT Victoria, Jocasta, Frankie, Christine, Donny and Hayden played in the Veto competition. Hayden won the Veto and is used it to take off Victoria, so Frankie can backdoor Amber. There was some worry about how they would handle Caleb, but thanks to Zach Attack their worries are over. Zach told Caleb that Amber has never liked him, and she’s making a fool of him. So now Caleb is on board with backdooring Amber, even thinking it was his plan. Although I think Caleb believes that once Amber is put on the block she will come running back to his arms, which she was never in to begin with by the way. So Caleb will want to save her, but it will be too late because the whole house wants her out. Zach Attack is gave another impassioned speech at the end of the Veto meeting calling out Amber and ‘standing up’ for Caleb. This will hopefully get Team America’s mission accomplished and money paid.

Now about my favorite player Derrick, who is about to surpass Kaysar as my favorite Big Brother of all time. And that is saying a lot! I have loved Kaysar for 10 seasons. I know Kaysar did not win either time and so far Derrick is a better player, but I loved me some Kaysar – he was so cute and so nice. Derrick has been my pick before he was even in the house, since I first saw Jeff interview him. I just liked him. For the past month, I’ve loved Derrick’s game play, but now I love Derrick as a person and because of all that I find him very attractive. So of course it is logical that his wife and I tweet on Twitter. But back to Derrick’s game play. He is completely controlling the house. It is funny that the house guests including Caleb think Caleb is running the house when in fact it is Derrick who is controlling everything. Even Evel Dick has said if he continues, Derrick will be one of the greatest players to play Big Brother. Derrick is covered from all angles. He is friends with everyone. Everyone trusts him and believes he is on their side. Derrick is part of the Detonators with Cody, Frankie, Zach and Christine. Derrick is part of Team America with Donny and Frankie. Everyone hates the Team America and their stupid tasks, but it has actually helped Derrick’s game because it has given Donny a reason to trust him. Derrick is good with Caleb because Caleb still thinks they are part of the Bomb Squad. Nicole and Hayden want an alliance with Derrick. He is close with Victoria and friends with Jocasta. Derrick is good with all of these house guests, but it seems his true loyalty is with Cody – the Hitmen. I am not sure how I feel about this because I am not sure Derrick can beat Cody at the final two, but there is a LOT of game left to play. I think I would rather see Derrick in the final two with Zach because I know he could beat Zach, although Cody would appreciate it much more than Zach. But it doesn’t really matter as long as Derrick wins.

I would like the final four to be Derrick, Zach, Frankie and Cody, although Hayden is creeping up on me. He’s actually a smart player and great at comps. He’s just played the laid back game up until now. My favorite scenes to watch on the Live Feeds are the ones with Derrick, Zach, Frankie and Cody. Zach is crazy and entertaining and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Some of the house guests think Zach is the sabateur or America’s player and other house guests (including Zach) have compared him to Evel Dick, who thinks there isn’t much of a comparison because ED doesn’t think Zach has a strategy. True Zach does not have a strategy, but his antics have actually helped Derrick’s game, so Zach is doing more than just acting out. Zach has been instrumental this week in paving the way to backdoor Amber. Frankie is playing a similar game to Derrick. Frankie is friends with everyone and everyone likes him and no one has brought his name up as a target. It is definitely Derrick and Frankie who are controlling the house, but I don’t want them sitting next to each other at the end because I am not sure if Derrick can beat Frankie. Cody is playing the flirt game. Every girl in the house likes him, flirts with him and will vote for him. But honestly he hasn’t done too much in the game, but he is a loyal vote and you can’t win Big Brother alone.

Taking a break from the Live Feeds, I re-watched the first two episodes of the season. It is fun to see the house guests videos and their first impressions of each other. The first eight house guests to go into the house were Frankie, Cody, Nicole, Joey, Paola, Devin, Donny and Amber. The first three evictees were from the first eight houseguests. The second eight house guests in the house were Derrick, Zach, Caleb, Christine, Brittany, Hayden, Victoria and Jocasta. Hayden is the only one who looks exactly like he did in his video – the same clothes and hat he wears in the house. Even though the two groups went into the house several hours apart, it had nothing to do with how alliances were made. In the second episode, Frankie and Caleb assumed they would clash because liberal vs. conservative and homosexual vs. hunter, but now they are best friends and allies. Much like in the first episode, Frankie and Zach clashed with Zach calling Frankie out about the rich high school he went to. Now Frank and Zach are besties calling themselves Zankie. Victoria’s personality was so different on her video and in the first episode, she was so confident. Inside the house she seems very insecure.

Check back here next Monday for the next installment of my Big Brother journal. Until then, follow me on Twitter @DeenasDays for my continuous Big Brother rants. Crossing my fingers for Derrick to win HoH. #TeamDerrick


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